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How do you hang your race medals?

Author: Chris Macdonald

Read Time:   |  July 20, 2016

‘I know someone who decorates their Christmas tree with their medals’, says Vicki McMinn on Facebook. Unusual and creative, if not a bit wacky, but it got us wondering how the rest of our WR readers displays their hard-won medals. This is what we found…


June Burr, 59, executive for a business travel management company

I have only been running for just over three years. The medal I am most proud of – to date! – has to be my first proper race. It was for the Balmoral 5K in 2011 as most of my running until then had been on the treadmill so this was really my first time running outdoors! I was so nervous I though I would be sick beforehand but 34 minutes and 55 seconds later I crossed the finish line to collect my medal and that was the start of my addiction. My first 10K, 10 mile and half marathon medals were all added to the collection within a year. I am currently training for the Loch Ness Marathon in September and I think that medal may have to take pride of place as it may be my only one! Though I do fancy doing the D33 Ultra… there is no hope for me!


Edyta Burgess, 39, started her running adventure in 2010 

When I started running I couldn’t even run a mile without stopping. I remember that on my first run I got a stitch within the first five minutes  and I had to stop before I even left my estate. I love running because it keeps me in shape but also it helps me to relax after stressful day at work, it clears my head. I am mostly proud of two medals, my first ever marathon in 2012 and my recent Liverpool Rock’n’Roll half marathon last May. The weather was absolutely awful on the day of the marathon. I woke up in the morning and just for a second contemplated getting back in to my warm bed but instead I put my kit on and went for it. I kept going even though I was soaked, cold and close to hyperthermia. I cannot describe the feeling of crossing the finishing line; it was my proudest moment ever.


Rachel Lonergon, 41, regional manager, completed first Ultra in May.

We don’t display our medals but have recently created a race number wall. We still have a few gaps for future races!


Caroline (Caz) Wadey, 44

I’ve been running seriously for about a year and ran my first race last September which was a 10K. I could barely run three miles a year ago but in May this year I ran my first marathon, the Weald Challenge Trail Marathon and this is the medal I’m proudest of!


Jana Pasche, 40, social alarms agent for a housing association

Two nails and a couple of quids’ worth of chain from the hardware shop. Works a treat and room for more! I’ve been running on and off for a couple of years, starting off with couch to 5K, just to prove that I could do it. I have a nasty habit of really getting into it and then falling off the wagon for months on end, meaning I pretty much have to start from scratch again. Proudest medal is probably the Bupa Manchester Great Run last year, as I had again not run for several months and never run more than four miles before. So it was my first 10K and against all odds I completed it in hot temperatures without walking a single step. Not a massive achievement in the greater scheme of running, but it was for me! My favourite run was the Valencia Divina Pastora 10K last autumn, but unfortunately there was no medal for that one.


Carolyn Burnett, 42, has been running for about 18 months

I had a few Race 4 Life’s under my belt but running never really appealed to me. I gave up smoking on 18 November 2012 and decided to start running as a form of exercise and really started enjoying it. I now run Parkrun on a Saturday (when possible), have run several 10K’s and completed my first Half Marathon in Reading on 2 March this year. Safe to say I’m now hooked and look forward to many more! The medal I am most proud of is my Reading Half Marathon! Lush medal, just can’t see it behind the others in the photo


Laura Bell, 35, full time mum of one

I’ve been running seriously for about six years now and only stopped for a few weeks after giving birth to my son who will be 1 in July. I am leader at a local club. I find running keeps me sane and counteracts the cake consumption!

Catherine Bain

Catherine Bain

I keep my medals on my bed post. So they are the last thing I see at night. It  keeps me on track with training and reminds me of what I can achieved. This help me in all areas of my life.


Kerry King, 41, personal assistant

I started running with Race for Life, and then gave up straight after. Until I saw an advert for the Walt Disney World Marathon, featuring the fab Mickey Mouse gold medals – as a big Disney fan, I had to have one – and the only way to do that was to get running again. So you could say I ran my first marathon thanks to Mickey Mouse. That was 2008, since then I’ve run a further five marathons, several halfs and a 10K, including the Disney Goofy Challenge. My next goal is Disney Rebel Challenge – a Star Wars themed running weekend in Disneyland California in January.


Liina Buckingham, 38, web publisher

I started running four years ago because my husband signed me up for a half marathon without telling me first. I’ve been hooked ever since. I’most proud of my first marathon medal, Paris 2013, because I never thought I could run a marathon but I did it in 3:56 and loved it!


Helen Bevan, 44, customer service advisor

I started running late on – when I was 40 – and got nagged into doing Race For Life 5K. I then fell in love with running and have never looked back! Since then I have completed eight half marathons, lots of 10K’s and the ultimate two London Marathons! Running VLM was my biggest & best achievement so far, and my favourite medal!

suzanne clarkmedals

Suzanne Clark, 33, secretary

I have been taking part in running events as a hobby for ten years now. It is very difficult to choose one particular favourite medal as they have all meant something to me. Many of the events that I have taken part in have been sponsored for causes close to my heart and some I have entered as an challenge to compete with my own time and performance.

If really pushed to pick one then it would be the 2013 Bristol Half Marathon medal as not only was it a special medal for the event’s 25th anniversary but I was raising money for the charity, Sands (the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death chairty) in memory of my nephew who was delivered stillborn last July. After the incredibly difficult time that my sister in law and brother had been through I felt totally helpless so raising funds and awareness for this great charity was my way of trying to help. I have yet to add a full marathon medal to my collection – the London Marathon is like the runner’s Holy Grail! In the meantime I have the next Women’s Running Magazine 10K coming up to keep myself busy over summer!

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