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Grieving mum to marathon runner

Author: Chris Macdonald

Read Time:   |  May 18, 2014

Grieving mum to marathon runner

Grieving mum to marathon runner

In 2012 I was pregnant with baby number two, another boy, a younger brother for Ronnie. Perfect. I was so happy.

But I had some complications with the pregnancy and Maison was born premature. It was such an anxious time. He spent ten days in intensive care before he sadly passed away and I then found myself having to plan my baby’s funeral. I was absolutely devastated and I had never experienced such pain in my entire life.

After the funeral each day was a struggle but I had to put on a brave face and stay strong for my eldest Ronnie who is now aged three).  He doesn’t know it, but he was the only thing keeping me together at the time, but once he was in bed the sadness would strike me.

Running through the pain

One month went by and I had decided that I wanted to do something positive in memory of Maison and to raise money for the baby charity that had been there for us. Straight away I knew that it would have to be a running event.

It had been a very long time since I had run properly but I had very fond memories of the sport  from my teenage years. Two of my closest friends and I signed up for the 2013 Reading half marathon. I had three months to train for it, I was out of shape but I was up for the challenge. It was for Maison, I was determined.

I wont lie, the training was really tough and I really pushed myself, becoming emotional at times. But you really learn alot about yourself when training for a long distance event, I’m sure you would all agree.

Before I knew it, race day was here. The weather was terrible that day but that didn’t put me off, and I did it! I ran 13.1 miles! With every step I thought about Maison and I cried when I crossed the finish line. But I was happy, I was proud of myself and I knew that my son was proud of me too. It was from that moment that I knew running would be a part of my life, forever.

Running as a coping mechanism

Running is my happy place, where I can clear my mind, where I can feel free. It is my ‘me time’, and it doesn’t matter if I have a good or a bad run I am thankful to be able to step out the front door and be able to do what I love.

Since March 2013 I have completed three half marathons, a handful of shorter races and my first 26.2 in April. My eldest son Ronnie being my biggest fan.
I often think about Maison when I run, only now I smile, but like everybody I have my moments. I have overcome tragedy through the joy of running and I now look forward to what the future holds.

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