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Go for a run this Mother’s Day!

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Read Time:   |  March 11, 2015

Mother's Day

When you think of the perfect Mother’s Day, images conjure of a lazy morning in bed with your children delivering you smoked salmon and bagels on a pretty pink, love heart tray. This will follow by a long stroll in the park; the whole family hand in hand and will close with a delicious roast dinner at home, cooked up by your other half.

The reality if you’re a runner? You’ll bump into a runner in the park and get a serious dose of running envy! You’ll wish that on the one day dedicated to you, you could go for a run but selflessly conclude it would be far too selfish of you. As for the roast dinner cooked by your other half, who knows! You’re more than likely to be the one cooking the roast for the in-laws…

Here’s five reasons you should go for a run this Mother’s Day.

  1. The perfect family bonding time. If you choose to dine out or take the whole family out for a day trip, Mother’s Day can become one very expensive day. A morning or afternoon jog in the local park is the perfect way to enjoy some precious family time. If the kids are too little to run, get them on the bikes and take a lunch-time picnic!
  2. Your post-run breakfast is cooked for you. On what other day could you return home from a run, hop back in bed and demand breakfast is delivered on a tray? Hand-delivered smoked salmon and bagels will taste one thousand times more delicious after a ten-miler. Trust us.
  3. It’s your time! At WR HQ, we love our long run Sundays. It’s the only day we can fit the miles in (especially if marathon training) without work or family commitments getting in the way. Working until late all week and ferrying the kids to swimming, football and cricket on a Saturday, fitting your long run in looks less and less likely as the week goes on. Make time for yourself this Sunday.
  4. You can try out your new kit. If you’ve been lucky enough to receive some new kit for Mother’s Day, an afternoon in the house with your new GPS staring at you may turn you crazy! What better excuse for a 5K before breakfast? How else would you know if your new trainers fit?
  5. Mother-daughter bonding. Mother’s Day is the perfect day to enjoy some mother-daughter bonding time. Why not sign up to a race together or drive out to countryside and enjoy a morning on the trails, followed up by a lazy lunch? If you regularly run with your mum or daughter, don’t forget our WR10K Race Series has a 5K option open to ages 12+. Check it out here: bit.ly/13bmjZe

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