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Emma Schuck: ‘I get such a buzz when I finish’

Author: Chris Macdonald

Read Time:   |  November 17, 2014


Emma Schuck of Hayle Runners started running competitively in January but that hasn’t stopped her from having an amazing season. Fresh from a second-place finish at the Robin Hood Half Marathon (where she broke her personal best for the second time in two weeks!), she talks to WR about her training regime, her 2014 running highlights and how she stays motivated during a race.

How did you get into competitive running?
My first race was “Stormforce 10”, the first in the Cornish Grand Prix Series in January 2014. I had only started running, well jogging around really, since October 2013 with my sister, who has been a member of Hayle Runners for the past 4/5 years. I didn’t even know if I could complete the whole 10 miles so was very anxious and apprehensive about it. I remember finding a steady pace and just trying to stick to it. Once I crossed the finish line in 1hr 16 mins I just couldn’t wait for the next event. My time wasn’t anything spectacular but that feeling you get when you finish is such a buzz, you’re on a real high!

What do you enjoy the most about running as part of a running club like Hayle Runners?
For me it’s the motivation and encouragement you receive from running within a group. I love the social aspect of being part of the club as well and have made some of the best friends.

What tips would you giving someone interesting in joining a running club?
Join a club that’s local to you and if you know people already that usually helps. Hayle is rather a big club so there are all sorts of groups for all abilities.

What do you love about running?
The feeling of achievement you get after a hard or long run. Of course you don’t feel bad treating yourself after either.

What has been your most memorable running moment this year?
It has to be travelling from Cornwall to Nottingham for the Robin Hood Half Marathon with no expectations whatsoever and to come 2nd female, I was over the moon.

You’ve run a few half-marathons, what do you enjoy about running at that distance?
I guess I try to find a pace and just grit my teeth to try and stick to it! Consistency is the key, that’s what one of my team members keeps telling me! All races are super hard though and everyone who takes part is a winner!

You set yourself a new personal best at the Robin Hood Half Marathon, what advice you give someone hoping to improve on their personal best?
Positivity is the key from the start. Just try to go for it and do your best up until you cross that finish line.

How do you keep motivated to keep running during a race?
I usually just think of crossing that finish line no matter how hard it gets and just think of the positive high at the end of the race. I try to remember that pain is only temporary and the feeling you get, whether you have made a podium finish or got a PB, will stay with you forever!

What does your weekly training regime consist of?
Usually a couple of recovery runs, about 5/6 miles, two speed sessions with the club, a tempo run and a long run. At the moment I’m training for a marathon and the tapering is about to start.

What does your race-day routine look like?
Usually I try to get up 3 hours beforehand to have some breakfast. Get kitted out and before the race I do a 15 minute or so warm up.

Nutrition is a big part of running; do you have any favourite go-to meals and snacks you like to eat during training?
I like to eat plenty of fruit, dried fruit, mixed nuts, chocolate and of course cake is always great after a long training run.

Who, if anyone, is your running inspiration?
The lovely Cornish Emma Stepto- British Half Marathon Champion. She is absolutely amazing and such an inspiration to everyone.

Do you have any running goals for 2015?
I haven’t really thought about that. I hope to take part in some or maybe all of the Cornish Grand Prix series and maybe some out of county races as well.

Chris Macdonald

Editor-at-Large, Women's Running

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