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4 ways to make running buddies

Read Time:   |  December 9, 2018

4 ways to make running buddies

Running is often thought of as a solitary sport – but actually it can be very sociable. If you don’t already have friends that share your love of running, then here’s four ways to increase your social circle and help you find some new running buddies…

1. Join a running club
Want to guarantee that any new friends you make love running? Then take a look to see if you have any running clubs near you. Contrary to popular belief, running clubs do cater for runners of all abilities and you’ll find your fellow club member to be a supportive lot.

2. Parkrun
Your local weekly Parkrun is the perfect place to find yourself new running buddies. Commit yourself to going regularly and before you know it, those faces will start to look familiar and you’ll find yourself striking up conversations.

It’s nice to be nice, so why not look at volunteering? You’ll find that local races, running clubs and Parkruns are crying out for people to help out on the day – so offer yourself up as an extra pair of hands. You may not have the time to meet life-long friends at these events, but at least you’ll be mixing in the right crowds and getting yourself out and about.

4. Start your own running group
This will take a bit of effort – but you’ll find it’s totally worth it. Decide where, when and how often you want your running group to meet up and then spread the word! Post on social media local pages – or print up your own recruitment posters and stick them up in locations that are likely to attract attention (make sure to get permission first if you need it). Good places to put them up include your workplace, local shop windows and community noticeboards. Don’t expect a massive turnout for your first session – but with patience and word of mouth – you’ll have a running group in no time.