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Most popular 2015 running songs

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Read Time:   |  January 8, 2016

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Need a boost to kick-start your running in 2016? Here’s something that might help. Spotify has just released a playlist of 2015’s most-streamed songs – 10 tracks fuelling up the fire of runners across the globe. And, music to our ears, the playlist is dominated by female artists.

Leading the pack is Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)”. A little clichéd? Perhaps. But given it’s the most streamed running song of 2015, it seems a bit of girl power goes a long way. In fact, 60% of the 1,500 runners surveyed reported that music helps them to run longer and faster, with 45% reporting a good sound track is the best way for them to combat the troublesome “runner’s low”.

According to the study, over three-quarters of runners rely on music for their workouts, with 88% of those runners reporting that music is important or vital to their run. Thirty-nine percent even reported that music helps them to keep a steady pace.

With Spotify Running users using the playlist to help them cover over 34.5 million miles in the past seven months (the equivalent of running around the world 1,386 times), these 10 tracks certainly seem to be doing the trick, and are definitely worth adding to your playlist. And, once you get bored of these, the Spotify Running app might be worth a download. Simply start running and the app’s sensor will calculate your pace, serving up a non-stop mix of tracks that match your pace and musical taste. Tempo run anyone?

  1. Beyoncé – “Run the World (Girls)”
  2. Sia – “Chandelier”
  3. Mark Ronson – “Uptown Funk”
  4. Wiz Khalifa – “See You Again” (feat. Charlie Puth)
  5. Beyoncé – “7/11”
  6. Kelly Clarkson – “Heartbeat Song”
  7. Missy Elliott – “Work It”
  8. TLC – “No Scrubs”
  9. Rihanna – “Bitch Better Have My Money”
  10. Calvin Harris – “Feel So Close”

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