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10 tips for your next charity challenge

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  June 5, 2017

Have you completed a marathon or half marathon for charity and now have the feel-good fundraising bug? Then don’t stop now! Here are some ideas for your next adventure…


1 Get back out there

Don’t waste that fitness and weight loss you achieved through training. Once you have recovered properly, start thinking about your next challenge and get it booked. It’s the best way to blitz those post-marathon blues and get you motivated.

2 Think outside the box

Raising money for your marathon is hard work, so the next challenge you do needs to grab people’s attention. Try a race in fancy dress, running a longer distance (ultra, anyone?), or go for a completely different challenge, such as climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. Whatever you opt for, find something that inspires you and the chances are it will inspire others.

3 Prepare properly

If you’re switching to a new discipline, such as a multisport event or a climbing challenge, think back to the way you trained for your marathon and apply the same rules – seek out training days, schedules and expert information on how to prepare properly for the challenge ahead.

4 Get kitted out

Research the best kit you need for your challenge, whether it requires walking boots, a wetsuit or a new bike. These all come in a broad variety of prices and qualities, and it’s worth shopping around to make sure you get value for money.

5 Have a check up

Have all those aches and pains settled down post-marathon? If you’ve been left hobbling after your 26.2 miles, see a physiotherapist for an MOT, to make sure there is no lasting damage before you start your preparation.

6 Keep it real

Conquering a marathon can leave you feeling invincible, but don’t expect to be able to jump right up to scaling Everest. A new challenge comes with new obstacles that you need to be realistic about. Set goals that are achievable through hard work.

7 Keep it in the family

Training for your marathon might have meant you sacrificed time with your partner or children, so you might want to consider including them in your next adventure. Check out challenges that are fun for a wider age range that will help you combine your desire to push yourself with spending quality time with your loved ones.

8 Team up

Picking a challenge that involves a team relay or an event that can be done in pairs is a great way to do something different. Races such as the adidas TR24, Run24 and Hell Rider incorporate that team element and put a new twist on endurance.

9 Foreign fields

Setting yourself the goal of completing a challenge abroad is a good way to regain that focus after your marathon. There are running races, triathlons, climbs, walks, rides and adventure races all across the globe.

10 Local hero

Once you know what you want to do, start creating a buzz as soon as you can. Get in touch with your local newspaper and tell them what you’re planning. This could boost fundraising and even get others interested in joining you.

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