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Thinking of switching to plant-based nutrition on your long runs? Here’s what to look out for

Author: Kate Sellers

Read Time:   |  July 14, 2021

Supernatural Fuel are giving us a new, plant-based and sustainable way of approaching nutrition on our long runs. We find out more...

We all know good nutrition is absolutely key, especially on long runs.  What we put in our bodies directly effects how it functions. We also know that lots of runners are thinking about switching to plant-based nutrition sources, and that many of us are also concerned about sustainability in this area, but deciding on the best option can be a minefield.

Enter Supernatural Fuel. They pride themselves on being different to other sports nutrition products on the market, thanks to the type and quality of the ingredients they use. We found out why that’s important, and what else to look out for when considering plant-based nutrition supplements.

“To start with, all of our ingredients are organic and plant based – no pesticides or GMO in our products,” they explain. “Our ingredients have been carefully selected because of their natural nutritional content to support endurance activities. Every pouch contains a combination of natural plant carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Why? Because the mix of simple and complex carbohydrates combined with protein and fats ensures energy release is sustained over a longer period than you would find with a typical energy gel for example.”

The number of ingredients is also important. “Our products are simple. You’ll find no more than 7 natural plant ingredients in each of them. There are no additives, preservatives, flavours or colours. We take those 7 natural plant ingredients, we blend them, we fill them into a pouch, we sterilise the pouch with hot steam and pressure to kill any bacteria and give it a long shelf life and that’s it – it’s simple.”

So, what does the finished product look like? “Our highest calorie pouch is Dates & Sesame with 212 kcal per pouch. Dates and sultanas provide the carbohydrates and are rich in antioxidants and minerals; sesame and sunflower seeds provide the protein, good fats and minerals and coconut water is nature’s pure electrolyte with sodium, potassium and magnesium. All of these nutrients become important for the body during long endurance challenges that’s why they are in our products.”

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The ingredients used in sports nutrition products are also important when it comes to the sustainability side of things. “Part of our Supernatural Fuel ethos is a love of the outdoors and nature, which is why we take our responsibility for the environment and sustainability seriously. We only use organic ingredients as it is better for us and better for the planet to use plants grown without the use of pesticides and GMO. Choosing to make our products fully organic was a conscious decision; while it is a more difficult path, it is the right path. Limiting the use of pesticides is key to ensuring the soil on the earth is healthy so that plants and wildlife can thrive.”

Packaging is another key part of sustainability. Many of us runners will have been alarmed by the pouches and gels left behind at races, for example, and it can be tricky to find anywhere to recycle this type of packaging.

“While our pouches are ideal for making our products easy to use and safe to consume, we understand that they are not currently easy to recycle, as they are made up of thin layers of plastic and aluminium which need to be separated during the recycling process. Unfortunately, local councils do not currently have the equipment to recycle food pouches, but specialist waste management companies do! We have teamed up with First Mile Recycling to solve this problem. We include pre-paid envelopes in every box sent out to customers to allow the used pouches to be returned to us free of charge. We then send the pouches on to First Mile for recycling. With the help of our customers, we can ensure our pouches do not end up in landfill or anywhere else!”


There’s nothing we love more than hearing from someone who has tried a new product, and some of our fave ultra-runners are firm fans of Supernatural Fuel. We found out what they had to say…

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“Using the pouches, I felt like there was a slow release of energy rather than a sugar rush, which is what I have been looking for”
Sabrina Verjee

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“I have been using Supernatural fuel pouches for long training runs, it’s been great to eat real food in a tasty convenient form without having to plan ahead”
Jasmin Paris

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“There are three reasons that drew me to Supernatural Fuel; convenient slow-release carbs in an easy to use/carry pouch; recyclable packaging; and they come from Devon! Perfect!”
Jo Meek

How to buy

The pouches can currently only be ordered from the website:

They offer 4 delicious flavours and customers can build their own boxes to suit their tastes – swipe through below to explore the full range.

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