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The top nutrition to help you beat your personal best

Author: Angelina Manzano

Read Time:   |  August 18, 2020

If you’ve got a PB in mind, getting your nutrition spot on is vital come race day.

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Xendurance Energy Gel | £19.95 for 12 

These tasty gels are a great choice for long runs. They come in citrus and berry flavours and the taste really is true; like fruit juice, not too sweet but with a really fresh flavour. The gels are easy to consume while on the run, the sachet opens easily and the gel is easy to swallow, not too thick and sticky. You will find your increased energy is immediate after consuming, thanks to the 27g of carbohydrates and 83kcal, and there are no steep dips in your energy levels. They are a great choice for all runners with any nutritional needs, being vegan friendly, gluten free, free from caffeine and preservatives. These products have also been tested for banned substances through Informed Sport, so you can be assured the ingredients really are the best no matter what level you are running at.

running nutrition

Proto-col Complete Collagen | £31.95 for 14

These super sweet gels score highly on the promise (and I do love a good promise): the ingredients in these little gel-shaped packets is suggested to have enormous benefits for skin, hair and nails, as well as postively impacting joint function, flexibility, muscle strength and recovery. These are big promises! After two weeks of testing, I’m used to the taste – like undiluted orange squash – but I’d be lying if I said that after a fortnight I’d dropped a decade and was miraculously injury-free. However, as a way of taking on collagen, this is an easy fix and the benefits of doing so are well proven, particularly in terms of joint health for those of us the wrong side of 25. The combination of this with biotin, zinc and copper, plus vitamins B, C and E is great for women, so I’m sold on that combo. I’m continuing my experiment, so I’ll let you know how it goes!

running nutrition

Lucozade Revive | £11.59 for 12

When you need a quick lift in energy this new drink from Lucozade will give you it. Revive contains B vitamins to give you a boost, reduce tiredness and get you ready to keep going. It’s a sparkling, fruity drink that’s so refreshing – perfect to replenish energy stores after a run or gym workout. It’s a very light drink, so it doesn’t sit heavy in your stomach and is a great addition to the Lucozade range, which can always be trusted to deliver energy quickly. You get two really fruity flavours; lemon and lime, as well as orange and passion fruit – both were a big hit with everyone in the family.

Angelina Manzano

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