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The facts you need to know about running during pregnancy

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  August 25, 2021

Sophie Power, runner and mum-of-three, shares the facts, benefits and tips on running during pregnancy

Benefits of exercising during pregnancy

• Reduces the risk of high blood pressure problems, gestational diabetes, and pre-term birth

• Gives you more energy, improves sleep and helps you keep a healthy weight throughout pregnancy

• Reduces the chances of instrumental or unplanned caesarean delivery and may shorten the first stage of labour

• Makes you feel good and reduces the likelihood of postpartum depression

Tips for exercising safely

• Stay cool, comfortable and hydrated. Try to avoid sessions longer than one hour in duration, especially on warmer days and in hot, humid conditions

• Fuel well before and after

• Don’t bump the bump – avoid contact sports or those with a risk of falling or trauma

• Avoid exercises which involve lying on your tummy or back after the first trimester

• Listen to your body and adapt as required. If it feels comfortable, keep going! If it’s uncomfortable, stop and seek advice

Warning signs to look out for

• Vaginal bleeding or amniotic fluid leakage

• Abdominal pain or regular and painful contractions

• Persistent excessive shortness of breath, dizziness or faintness that does not resolve with rest

• Headaches

• Chest pain

• Muscle weakness affecting balance

• Calf pain or swelling

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