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Take the stress out of running to work

Author: Chris Macdonald

Read Time:   |  June 4, 2014

Take the stress out of running to work

Take the stress out of running to work

Runners are being urged to lace up their running shoes, ditch public transport and #run2work on Thursday 05 June, as part of the first National #run2work day.

The initiative aims to encourage people to get fit, improve their health and reduce stress by running to work on the first Thursday of each month – and eventually make run commuting part of their regular weekly routine.

The run2work scheme has a long-term goal of getting one million people running by 2020, and has partnered with Outdoor Fitness magazine, The Evening Standard, Sweatshop and Virgin Active to help people stay on track. It also calls for running to work to be made tax-free, and for more employers to ensure shower and changing facilities are provided for staff.

According to run2work, run commuting regularly can help cut travel costs significantly, and often reduces journey times.

The run2work website features a handy interactive route planner and is calling on runners to start their own run2work group via Facebook.

For more information on run2work, visit: www.run2work.com

Here’s my five top tips for a successful run commute:

Pack your running bag before bed

Sounds obvious but how often do you actually pack your bag before getting some shut-eye?

If you are planning on running to work, reduce morning stress by packing your running bag and laying out all your kit before going to bed. This way, all you need to do is get up, have a drink of water/coffee/a light snack, dress and head out the door.

Scout out your work place facilities

Not all offices have shower facilities, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t run commute. Check your local area – is there a gym or local swimming pool you could use instead? Obviously, there is a cost attached to doing this but if you plan to run regularly could be a worthwhile investment. If this isn’t an option, consider running home instead.

Invest in a decent running backpack

It is worth testing out running backpacks from a specialist running store to ensure the fit is comfortable. If you have a longish commute, or are running in hot weather a running backpack with a water bladder could be useful so you can easily sip water on the go.

Leave essential supplies at work

To reduce the amount you have to carry, leave bulky toiletries, a towel, a pair of shoes and a coat or jacket at work. Keeping a supply of breakfast goods, such as porridge oats or cereal at work means you can eat when you arrive.

If you are running home from work, leave bulkier items at work and take home on a day you aren’t running. Your bag might not feel heavy initially but after a couple of miles, less weight is definitely better.

Be adventurous!

Running the same route every week, can get a little dull. Mix it up by seeking out different routes. If you are worried about getting lost and being late for work, save the adventuring for the run home, and then enjoy your post-work freedom by exploring your local area. Have fun!

Former Online Editor of Women’s Running, Carys Matthews is an enthusiastic runner and is currently training for the Berlin Marathon. She writes at carysmatthews.com and tweets @CarysMatthews

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