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Mag sneak peek: A runner’s guide to pregnancy

We all know that pregnancy does not mean the end of your running career: but it needn’t mean a long pause either. Sophie Power tells us how to train sensibly during each trimester

Pregnancy is an exciting time in our lives. But it also brings with it huge change and uncertainty – especially regarding running. Is it safe to run? How should I change my training? When should I stop? What should I wear?

Every runner is different and so is every pregnancy; my three certainly have been. Whenever you decide to stop running – or if you run until the baby comes – there are many factors to bear in mind. In this article, I’ll introduce you to the kit and tips I found most helpful, and get advice from experts on how to manage running and pregnancy.


As runners, as soon as we announce our pregnancy, there’s likely to be someone piping up that we’ll have to give up running. But are they right? I asked Dr Marlize de Vivo, CEO and co-founder of the Active Pregnancy Foundation for her view. “There are still misconceptions out there. But evidence has found no adverse maternal or infant outcomes for healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies resulting from their engagement in moderate intensity physical activities during pregnancy.” The evidence is so strong for the benefits of exercise in pregnancy that the UK’s chief medical officers recommend accumulating 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity every week plus strength training two days a week.

Dr De Vivo added: “Healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies who are already enjoying and benefitting from an active lifestyle, should aim to maintain their physical activity levels, although adaptation may be required as pregnancy progresses.”

It’s important to note that these recommendations are for women with low-risk pregnancies, so have this discussion with your healthcare professional if you’re unsure.

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