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Four brilliant supplements for runners this winter

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  October 7, 2021

Ideally we should be getting all of our nutrition from our completely balanced diets, but changing seasons can through a spanner in the works, and as runners we could all do with a little helping hand where it’s needed. Here are a four of our favourites...

GEOSILICALI Recover | €29.90

GEOSILICA Recover | £29

The combination of silica, magnesium and pure Icelandic water in this supplement is ideal for recovery for runners. Magnesium contributes to normal function of the muscles and nerves, and GeoSilica strengthens your bone tissue, ligaments and cartilage. The silica is sourced from geothermal water deep within Iceland’s volcanic earth, and uses no artificial chemicals. It also promises to improve your electrolyte balance and prevent fatigue.

IGENNUS Liposomal Vitamin C & Zinc | £24.99IGENNUS Liposomal Vitamin C & Zinc | £24.99

A liquid immune system support complex providing liposomal vit C (1000mg per serving), with zinc, copper and selenium as well. Precise levels of synergistic copper balance the potent 15mg dose of zinc to safely support your immune system all year round.

LILY & LOAF Immunity Gummies | From £11.50

LILY & LOAF Immunity Gummies | From £11.50

Support your immune system with these Immunity Gummies. Available in raspberry or elderberry flavour, they top up your selenium, zinc and vitamin C levels, as well as reducing free radical damage. They also contain vitamin B6 to reduce tiredness.

SUVI LABS Botanicals + Collagen | £45

SUVI LABS Botanicals + Collagen | £45

Give your body extra support during times of hormonal imbalance with this new supplement that combines botanicals and collagen. It helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, clears brain fog, restores energy levels and libido, regulates body temperature, balances mood and improves sleep quality.

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