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Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  July 28, 2022

Running isn’t all about shoes and watches. Small additions to your running kit can help you to recover well, soothe your muscles and get you ready for your next run.For Sport CBD

1. For Sport CBD Muscle & Joint Balm

To provide muscle relief

The For Sport CBD Muscle & Joint Balm is perfect for sportspeople who have a risk of contusion or suffering from joint swelling and muscle soreness. Great for pre- or post-workout, it contains a unique fast-absorbing mixture of high dose pure CBD isolate Vitamin E and a blend of natural oils that aid recovery, repair and regeneration. It also smells delicious!

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£34.99 |

Lemon Sole

2. Lemon Sole

To freshen up your shoes

Admit it, sometimes your favourite running shoes aren’t the best smelling things in the house. Maybe it’s all the miles on a warm day, maybe it’s the damp puddles in the winter. Whatever the cause, no-one wants to replace shoes when there’s plenty of miles left in them.

Lemon Sole has got your back, or rather your shoes. It’s a 100% natural shoe freshener with six essential oils, extremely effective with a great lemony scent.

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£9.50 |

Wholy Me CBD3. Wholy Me Relief balm

To soothe sore muscles

This relief balm is designed for overworked and fatigued muscles and joints. It’s clinically tested, award-winning and certified Organic. It provides an immediate and lasting feeling of comfort for overworked bodies.

It contains an innovative formula of 12 evidence-based, natural ingredients with nothing unnecessary added. Daily application will soothe your aches and pains.
All natural. All good.

£34 |

Artron Collagen Extreme4. Artron Collagen Extreme

To protect joints

ARTRON COLLAGEN® EXTREME has been specifically developed for people who take extreme care in their overall joint care health to help, support and maintain the health of connective tissues, cartilage, bones and muscles. It’s designed for those who suffer from pain and stiffness in their joints, or who just want to take care of their joints.

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