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How to cover your nutritional needs in just 27 seconds

Read Time:   |  June 17, 2020

Women's Running editor Esther tests out this exciting new supplement...

I’ve been using Athletic Greens for about three weeks. This was a bit of a change for me – I had been taking a ‘green’ supplement for the past year, but as an addition to a post-workout smoothie. The way you drink this, though, is a bit different – you mix a scoop of it with a small amount of water, about 50ml, and just chug that back.

The other difference is the make-up of the powder – there are a whopping 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole food-sourced ingredients in there. And this is the bit I really like. I’ve been looking for a supplement that is a bit of a catch all; that includes all the bits and pieces that I know are good for me as a woman, for my immune system, and for my energy levels. Stuff that will support my running, but also will support me as a person. And this is a mix of essential vitamins and minerals, combined with superfoods, dairy-free probiotics and plant extracts. That means I’ve been able to sweep about four separate pots of supplements away, in the knowledge that I’m covering all those bases and few more too boot. Joyous!

Among those 75 ingredients, there are power houses that make my eyes light up, such as chlorella, biotin, ginger, green tea, kelp, spirulina and spinach, supported by the minerals all too lacking in my diet: zinc, magnesium and selenium. And there’s probiotics in there too.

So while I know that supplements are just that – something to support an existing good diet – I am pretty chuffed that I’ve found something that, especially right now, helps support my immune system, my cardio function and my gut. Here’s the really good bit, though: it actually tastes nice! My kids turn their nose up at my “pondwater” – but then they turn their noses up at anything that doesn’t resemble a fishfinger, so I wouldn’t trust their judgement – but I love drinking something so beautifully green, and so stacked with all the good stuff. I’m sticking with it, and looking forward to discovering the other slow-burn benefits I’ll enjoy from it.

With your first purchase Athletic Greens are offering 20 free travel packs, at a value of £77 and a free Athletic Greens Shaker.

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