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WR takes a look at Glenmuir’s first line of running gear

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  February 23, 2015



When you see the brand name ‘Glenmuir’ one immediately thinks of tartan sweaters and ankle socks. However, branching out from its renowned golfing heritage, Glenmuir is moving from the fairways and onto the trails, launching its first line of technical base layers for runners.

Made from highly technical fabrics and compression technology, the base layers have been designed to regulate body temperature and reduce the build up of lactic acid. Each base layer encompasses a built-in, fast dry treatment and a breathable weave to wick moisture away from the body and keep you dry in wet conditions.

Our team tested them out to see if these layers are able to regulate body temperature in the ways they claim, whilst also weighing up their overall comfort-factor and fit.

Firstly, it has to be said that as with most compression wear, the top is tight – seriously tight. If you’re not used to wearing tight-fitting base layers, it’s worth wearing them independently to start off with (if the weather permits) without the addition of a jacket so that you don’t feel claustrophobic!

Glenmuir-Mens-pants-with-blue-stitching-128x300Whether you buy into the proposed benefits of compression tops improving posture and breathing style as they are moulded around your back and chest, this top is certainly snug and supportive around these areas. One thing we did find, however, was that as a result of its figure-hugging tightness, the top did have the tendency to rise up (not ideal when your muffin top is revealed in all its glory to passers-by trying to enjoy their Sunday morning coffee and bagel). Regardless, the top does keep you dry and cool. In fact, after 9.5 miles we were left a little confused as to whether we’d trained hard at all! Whilst feeling sufficiently exhausted, we were by no means dripping with sweat – in fact, we even braved it into Sainsbury’s for a post-run snack afterwards!

As for the tights, these offered a much more comfortable fit and were also great for temperature regulation. One feature of the tights we particularly liked was the flat lock-stitching, preventing chafing in typically problematic areas where seams usually irritate the skin. Whilst these are designed to be worn underneath your usual running tights, if you’re running over an above 5 miles in dry conditions, they are warm enough to be worn independently, even in the winter. If you’re wearing them solo though, don’t forget to wear a jacket with a pocket as they don’t contain a zip compartment to store your keys!

The base layers are available in two unisex colour-ways – black and grey. They retail at a reasonable £29.99 each and are available to buy online at www.sockshop.co.uk


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