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World Book Day giveaway!

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  March 5, 2015


Book giveaway

To celebrate World Book Day, we’re giving away four copies of Anita Bean’s new book, Sports Supplements. A registered nutritionist, health writer and former British bodybuilding champion, Anita Bean has published 26 books on nutrition and fitness, including the top-selling The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition (now in its 7th edition). Through her books, Anita aims to teach people about food and nutrition in a practical, interesting way.

Sports Supplements is a handy A-Z guide to the most popular sports supplements. Drawing on the latest research, Antia explores which sports supplements actually work and which are of benefit, taking the reader through each supplement, explaining what they are and how to use them.

Covering the most popular supplements on the market – from beetroot juice to creatine, caffeine to whey protein, this is the essential guide for anyone considering taking supplements. Some of the book’s key findings are listed below:

  • Creatine has proved to an effective aid for increasing strength and muscle mass BUT it doesn’t work for 20 – 30% of people
  • There is no benefit to be gained from taking high dose antioxidant supplements. Instead of improving performance or promoting recovery, supplements may actually hamper it
  • Caffeine enhances performance for most types of endurance, power and strength activities by reducing perception of effort but new research shows athletes can benefit from much lower doses than originally thought

The book retails at £12.99. For the chance to bag a copy of this brand new book, fill in the form below. The competition closes on March 26th at 9am.

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