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#WinWednesday Night Gear Giveaway

Author: Chris Macdonald

Read Time:   |  May 3, 2016

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This week we’re giving away fantastic night running gear from Nathan! We know at this time of year it can be hard enough to motivate yourself to get out running when it’s cold and dark, without feeling unsafe as well. That’s why we’ve compiled these fabulous night running accessories to keep you safe and seen this winter. The products include everything from hand torches to reflective vests – scroll down to browse the products on offer and enter your details for the chance to win!

Bandolier Vest x 2 (£20 each) Pink & Green

What we love about these vests is they’re so lightweight you can barely feel they’re there! The slim, minimal design doesn’t interrupt arm swing either – keeping you safe and seen without hindering performance. With 360-degree reflectivity these vests are super bright and have a handy zippered pocket too to store your cash and keys.

running vest



Reflex Slap Bands x 2 (£7.90)

Nathan’s high-vis running bands are a highly eye-catching yet lightweight accessory, which can be popped onto your arm or ankle. These bands are 100-200 times more visible than non-reflective clothing in low-light conditions and are a great way of topping up the visibility of your running kit.

Slap band

Nathan Zephyr Fire 100 Hand Torch x 2 (£44.99 each) Green & Purple

Our favourite night running gadget this year is Nathan’s Fire 100 Hand Torch. Featuring an integrated 24-degree downward projection angle, the torch focuses light on the ground ahead while running, giving you great visibility along unlit paths, without even having to turn your wrist! The rear-facing red LED also gives you excellent visibility from the rear – perfect for running on the roads. Runners often neglect hand torches due to the nuisance of carrying them, which can often feel quite restrictive to your stride. However, the beauty of this touch is it offers an adjustable hand-strap to allow grip-free usage. Chargeable via a USB power source, it is ideal for those who run to work as it can be topped up from the comfort of your desk.

hand torch


 Fire & Ice Bottle (£9.00) Orange

Who knew it, you’re bottle can keep you lit now too! Nathan’s Fire & Ice bottle has integrated, never-wear reflective fabric, which not only looks super cool (and festive) but offers 360-degree visibility for optimum visibility at night. What’s more, the bottle is easy-squeeze allowing for no fuss hydration and has a leak-free cap.

Nathan water bottle


Nathan Lock Laces x 2 (£6.00 each) Purple & Orange

There’s nothing more annoying than your shoes laces stopping you mid-stride. Nathan’s Lock Laces are an elastic shoelace, which do not come undone! With a no-tie, patented lock and clip system, these laces are secure and tight and have a one time set up for ultimate convenience. Reflective in design, they’re fantastic for topping up your visibility.

lock lace purple

Nathan StrobeLight x 5 (£8 each) Pink, Green, Orange & Red

Nathan’s nifty StrobeLights are a hot favourite at WR HQ this year. What’s great about these little gadgets is you can clip them just about anywhere! With visibility blinking and steady light modes, these lights are super bright and will keep you seen from a safe distance. Plus, with 100+ hours of illumination, they’re highly long-lasting, saving the hassle of replacing batteries ever five minutes!

running torch clip


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Editor-at-Large, Women's Running

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