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We tried out NURVV Run – here’s how we got on

Author: Esther Newman

Read Time:   |  July 9, 2021

Esther: I’ve been using Nurvv for a month, and the results have shocked me

Loads of us runners rely – and love! – the stats we get from our smart watches and the apps we have downloaded on our phones. Stats that tell us about our distances and our heart rates, that might inform us about our training load, and perhaps indicate our V02 max. These stats can explain what our splits look like and will compare them with equivalent splits last week. And all these things can be poured over and examined, for us to use in order to (hopefully) progress in the way we prefer. 

NURVV Run offers a bunch of stats too, but here’s the thing: it is *completely* different. NURVV examines *how* you run, not just where you’ve run, or how fast. With a pair of super-thin sensor-covered insoles placed in your shoes, along with a pair of trackers you clip to the side of your shoes, and its app running alongside, each of your runs is monitored from the feet up. Nurvv can tell you where your feet land as you run – and how that changes throughout a run, it can explain if you’re pronating, it will examine your cadence, your footstrike and your step length, and it will report on all those things and explain how you can improve them if improvement is needed.

Plus, the in-app coaching means that you can use NURVV to push you further and faster during your running, too, as if you have a real life coach shouting in your ear.

Footstrike coach

The newest kid on the stats block is the Footstrike Coach. Not content with simply explaining to you *after* a run how you could improve your footstrike, NURVV can help you adjust your footstrike as you *actually* run. This is genius. Do you remember going for that last gait analysis you had, and the sort of attentiveness you had from the person examining how you ran on a treadmill for about 30 seconds? Imagine how useful it would be if that person was with you on a whole run. This is what NURVV does. But better, it does it using all those sensors for incredibly accurate feedback on every step of your run. You set it up as you wish, entering the details of the type of footstrike you’d like to aim for, and then NURVV keeps you on the straight and narrow as you run.

This means that the more you use NURVV, the better you will run. And the better you run, the fewer injuries you will have. Whether your ambitions are to run faster or to increase your endurance, or you keep coming down with niggles down your right hand side, and you simply can’t figure out why, chances are NURVV will work out why that is and give you all the tools you need to fix it.

My running

So how was it for me? Check out my WOEFUL stats.

I have been running for more years than many of my colleagues have been alive and I have been stubbornly happy in my neutral running shoes. I’ve had gait analyses – more gait analyses than you can throw a stick at tbh – and I’ve had my running form analysed. At length. But no one has stared at my feet on every step of a run, and no one has noticed that – it turns out – my high arches of which I am weirdly proud, collapse. They collapse and I blooming well pronate, don’t I? 

NURVV have explained what I can do to sort things out. First off, there’s an exercise plan, which I can print off and stick on the fridge. Happily, at least half of the prescribed exercises  are ones I can do sitting at my desk (so I can guarantee those are the ones I will do). Next, I need to get myself a pair of support shoes and run in those to see how that affects my score. Third, if need be, I can use a pair of insoles designed for overpronators like me to keep my arches up, and my feet in line. It’s homework time for me!

I have been fascinated by the results of this experiment. Fingers crossed, my running will improve, and all those annoying niggles down the side of my knees will disappear too. I shall report back…

NURVV Run costs £249.99. Find out more here.

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