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Top running belts

Author: Angelina Manzano

Read Time:   |  August 11, 2020

An accessory that helps keep you safe and stocked up whatever your challenge.

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KALENJI Smartphone Waistband | £6.99

This little belt is so neat that at first sight you’d be hard pressed to believe a smartphone could fit inside. However, through some kind of Mary Poppins magic (or, more specifically, a cleverly-designed stretchy pocket) it can hold your phone whatever its size, as well as a gel or two, depending on your preference. There’s also a handy separate section for your keys to avoid any nasty scratch marks on your screen. Once you’ve found a comfortable position for the belt around your waist, it stays put well (although this may take some practice) and won’t alter the balance of your stride. With space for your phone, keys and a card or two, it’s ideal for shorter runs or for runners who pack lightly and, in true Decathlon fashion, it’s brilliant value for money.

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SALOMON Pulse Belt | £28

This belt is highly useful during even the most intense activity, as it stays exactly where it’s put, with no sliding or bounce on your waist. It’s made from a four-way stretch fabric that’s highly breathable, so no sweaty waistband. The belt includes two spacious pockets: a zipped one and one with a clip to secure your personal items such as a key or phone. There is more than adequate space and you’ll find your items are easily accessible. There is also the benefit of two stretchy, horizontal bands that secure two 500ml flasks, so this belt is a great solution if you’d rather not wear a backpack or vest for a longer run. The bands that hold the flasks have rubber grips on their inners to ensure the flasks stay secure. This belt comes in many colours for any taste or occasion, whether that be running, hiking, or just walking the dog. There is also reflective detail to stay visible on those evening or early morning jaunts. Both the usefulness and the simplicity of this belt impress.

running belt

ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE Speedwell Runners Pack | £11.99

This offers fantastic value for money. I’ve always been an armband sort of runner, but this has persuaded me to embrace the way of the belt. You can squeeze in a large smartphone, keys and a gel, but not a lot more than that – so this is perfect for shorter and middle-distance running rather than something where you’d also need a water bottle or more nutrition. It’s comfortable to wear over tights and a top, and is easy to adjust with a reassuringly solid clasp. Gratifyingly, it also stayed put during some intense sessions: it stayed secure during hill reps but tended to travel upwards during longer distances. It would be useful for this to be available in more sizes, and the size might be offputting for longer distance running, but it’s a solid performer for a midweek plod.

Angelina Manzano

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