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The shoe you’ll never own: On launches sustainable gear subscription service

Author: Holly Taylor

Read Time:   |  September 16, 2020

Swiss running brand On have launched a groundbreaking new sustainability initiative that could change the way we consume running gear forever

Swiss-based high-performance running brand, On, has announced the launch of a world-first, subscription-based service to bring fully recyclable sportswear to On customers worldwide.

The Cyclon subscription service will allow runners to try out new gear to its full potential, sending it back to On at the end of its life to be recycled. On will then reuse the end-of-live products to create material for new sustainable sports gear.

Cyclon is the first running gear subscription service of its kind that promotes a circular economy and incentivises customers to recycle their old sportswear, and its a huge step forward for sustainability in the running industry.

The first product to be featured as part of the subscription will be a brand new, fully recyclable performance running shoe, also named Cyclon. Lightweight and engineered to perform at elite level, we can expect high energy return and plush cushioning – and its already made from 50% recycled materials, including castor beans, before the cycle has even begun.

“Making a fully recyclable, performance shoe is a huge accomplishment, one that we’re immensely proud of,” says On Co-Founder Olivier Bernhard. “But we went a step further. We wanted to show that sustainability and performance go hand in hand. The subscription service enables runners to not only receive one of the highest performing shoes we’ve engineered, but to continuously receive the best and most up-to-date shoe technology coming out of our lab.”

For £25 a month you can be part of the Cyclon subscription service and receive your very own pair of Cyclon shoes – but the initiative doesn’t launch until autumn 2020. In the meantime, you can pay a one-time deposit of £25 to stay in-the-know and receive exclusive subscriber updates and treats. You’ll be the first to hear about anything new, and among the first to receive your sustainable shoes when they land next year.

“We built Cyclon to be a sustainable solution in every sense – from an environmental perspective, as a business opportunity and for the benefit of our runners,” said David Allemann, On Co-Founder. “In engineering our sustainable product technology, we haven’t sacrificed performance. We’ve enhanced it.”

Find out more and sign up now.

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Holly Taylor

Holly Taylor

Holly Taylor is the digital editor of Women’s Running and co-host of the Women’s Running podcast, where she shares her running journey as well as the inspiring stories of women runners all over the country. She’s never been the sporty type, but running is the first time she’s felt real joy in getting active. She loves talking about running with a community of inclusive and supportive runners, and Women's Running is the perfect space for this. She's currently aiming for a half marathon PB!

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