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The best women’s cheap running shoes

Author: Holly Taylor

Read Time:   |  May 5, 2022

If you're new to running or on a budget, you might fancy spending a lot of money on a pair of running shoes. Here are favourite cheap running shoes for women...

Running shoes can be pricey, but it’s possible to find your perfect pair for under a £100. Here are favourite shoes for the runner on a budget, whether you’re looking for road or trail, neutral or supportive. Read on for our favourite cheap running shoes for women. And if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, then check out our shoe guide first.

Got a bigger budget? Check out the best women’s running shoes.

Jogflow 500.1 review

KALENJI Jogflow 500.1 £35
Tester: Kate

As soon as I put these shoes on, I could totally see what Kalenji have been talking about: they were so lightweight, it felt as though my feet were floating. The first run I did in them was 6K, and they were comfortable all the way through. They were lightweight, supportive and flexible. These shoes are designed to encourage a more midfoot strike, thanks to a small drop of just 4mm. I noticed it straight away as I ran, and could feel myself adjusting my form. As a result, I felt faster and more in control. The only thing I can critique was the fit around the ankle – for me, it was a little loose, so I didn’t feel totally supported on longer runs as my muscles got tired.

cheap running shoes

361 Fierce £99.99
Tester: Verity

I found the 361 Fierce shoes extremely comfortable and supportive. They feel like an everyday lightweight shoe and they really are easy to wear. The design is streamlined and looks good on the foot – nice and neat – and I really like the high tongue which seemed to help with the overall comfort of the fit. I can imagine wearing these shoes for regular road runs in the summer as the mesh lets through quite a lot of air to cool the foot. Perfect for sweaty runs! Overall, I like the look and feel of these shoes and would recommend them for regular runs.

cheap running shoes

SALOMON Supercross £100
Tester: Beccy

These are very comfortable from the first run due good sizing and excellent cushioning. The grip feels top rate, with two lugs on the front to really help eat up the mud and keep you safe on wet surfaces. SensiFit feels amazing, with a very snug fit around your foot, which is why they can go straight into a race, and the toe cap does a great job. Strangely, the normal Salomon pocket for laces was left off this shoe, which was the only detraction from the running experience, as these laces will be hard to undo when caked in mud. Otherwise, a dream to run in.

cheap running shoes

NEW BALANCE Propel v2 £100
Tester: Tina

A very good-looking shoe for winter, and good value at just £100. I would highly recommend the Propel as an entry-level shoe that provides a lot of tech but doesn’t leave you feeling you’ve been robbed. FuelCell cushioning in the whole length of the midsole is great technology to run in for guaranteed energy return; these shoes feel as if they’re helping you along with every stride. The colour is brilliant for winter road running, with 360-degree reflectivity; it seems that NB have invested in getting this feature right. The upper fit is snug and supportive, but also breathable, soft and flexible, so they’re great for comfort. They don’t feel as incredible to run in as some New Balance FuelCell models, but this doesn’t detract from what they offer for a new runner: they’re lightweight, sleek and a spot-on winter design.

cheap running shoes

MERRELL Bare Access XTR £95
Tester: Claire

The Merrell Bare Access XTR is an extremely lightweight pair of shoes – perfect for fast, light-terrain and trail running. The shoes have a sticky Vibram sole that provides more than adequate grip and underfoot protection, while still being versatile enough for road running and gym use. The outsole is flexible which enables the shoe to both support, and move with, your foot. The shoes have a narrow midsole which is paired with a snug fit to the heel to keep your feet secure. The wider toe box and breathable mesh upper work together to offer good ventilation.

KALENJI Kiprun KD Plus £69.99
Tester: Sue

These are a great all-rounder that will provide you with comfort and cushioning, even on the longest runs. Incredibly lightweight and packed full of technology; with enhanced cushioning, a design from a single piece of fabric and a reworked foot area, nothing has been left to chance. With a clever anatomic design, these would be equally suitable for you as a neutral runner or as an under or over-pronator. The soles are designed in a similar way to a car tyre, with increased texture and the layout of the grips ensuring you are stable and upright in wet conditions. The colour choices are refreshingly stylish and they can be hand washed to keep them looking fabulous. This shoe comes with a two-year guarantee too, which reflects the brand’s confi dence in their durability.

EVADICT Women’s Trail Running Shoes £49.99
Tester: Susan

The perfect shoe for the beginner or aspiring trail runner looking to run on a mixture of road and trail. There are flex grooves along the entire length of the shoe and the rubber sole provides a good grip. The wide spacing of the lugs ensures a secure grip in wet conditions. The cushioning is excellent and it uses an innovative circular system, where a bubble of air is contained in the foam of the heel. They are very comfortable to wear, assisted by the addition of a breathable sock liner and thick foam padding. The laces pocket is a nice touch, ensuring you are safe from tripping. A great all-round trail shoe that certainly represents good value for money.

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Holly Taylor

Holly Taylor

Holly Taylor is the digital editor of Women’s Running and co-host of the Women’s Running podcast, where she shares her running journey as well as the inspiring stories of women runners all over the country. She’s never been the sporty type, but running is the first time she’s felt real joy in getting active. She loves talking about running with a community of inclusive and supportive runners, and Women's Running is the perfect space for this. She's currently aiming for a half marathon PB!

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