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The best period pants for runners

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  May 25, 2022

The last thing you want to worry about when you're trying to achieve a PB or go the extra mile is period problems. Enter period pants!

There are loads of benefits to running on your period, from mood-elevation to reducing cramps and other menstruation symptoms. But there’s nothing worse than spending that run worrying about leaking, friction from sanitary products or needing to make an unplanned stop. So, when we heard about period pants for sports, we were very excited. We sent our testers to find out everything you need to know to make your run feel comfortable and enjoyable.

MODIBODI Bikini Briefs£22
Tester: Beccy

You might forget you’re wearing these pants, they are so comfortable. These perfectly discreet bikini briefs can be worn in excellent style on the beach and completely comfortably for the rest of the day while you go on a long run or for a testing race. The pants are leak proof and excellently absorbent despite the fibre pad being just 3mm thick. These briefs are also UPF50+ rated for time in the sun and are designed to go with any top. They’re also water resistant and fast drying so there should be no stopping you. These pants are also incredibly environmentally friendly to wash; cold water only, hang dry (they’ll dry overnight), and don’t use fabric softener. They fit well securely, look great, feel great and do exactly what you want them to.

WUKA Period Pants £24.99
Tester: Laura

These Wuka pants really are a revelation. Gone is the worry of leaking through knickers and leggings on a long run. These leak-proof and breathable pants really do offer the comfort, protection and peace of mind they claim to do, not only on your period but also if you suffer from incontinence or any other bladder or bowel issue. They are extremely absorbent and leave you feeling dry front and back without the sensation that you’re wearing a nappy. The material is super soft and stretchy, which provides comfort throughout your run. They are also true to size and a great fit. So there’s no need to worry about any other sanitary protection when going about your day, exercising or not. After they’ve been worn they just get rinsed out in warm water and added to your usual 40°C wash. Genius!

THINX Sport | £24.92
Tester: Clare

To keep you from shying away from running while you’re on your period, Thinx Active collection has a great range to protect you from life’s damp moments. Forget light bladder leakage fears or period leaks, this performance underwear is made from a sweat wicking Merino Perform fabric. It’s antibacterial, odour eliminating, moisture wicking and quick drying with Modifier Air Technology. In other words, they’re period proof! Depending on your flow, THINX can replace pads, or be worn with tampons or cups for extra protection. With these period-proof undies you have the confidence that your usual sanitary products would provide yet have the comfort of going without, and they look and feel like regular underwear. The outer fabric is all natural and is available in both a moisture wicking and light-moderate absorbency. Not only that but each pair you buy also helps girls in the developing world.

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