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The app that helps you run further, faster and smarter

Author: Kate Sellers

Read Time:   |  October 8, 2021

We love a running app, especially when it promises to improve our running. We find out more about Zoazi, which promises a completely personalised experience from your phone

Running apps can be really helpful. Whether you like the ones that give you plan to follow, help you track your runs or talk to you about form as you go, they can be a really handy tool for any runner.

The one problem that often causes us to hit an app plateau, however, is a lack of personalisation. Eventually, we need something more specific to us and our goals. Enter Zoazi. It’s a new running app that promises to help each of us run further, faster and longer.

What’s it all about?

Zoazi believe that training apps should actively encourage runners to express how they found each run, before changing training plans accordingly. The creators came up with idea of combining personal feedback with collected training data to provide unique plans that allow each runner to reach their goals and meet the next challenge with their best foot forward.

How does it work?

You start a training plan, and give feedback after each session. You can also enter specific goals to reach. Each of their plans are backed by science and research, and can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Through your feedback, the Zoazi coach will directly alter your running plan further to accommodate for challenges or strengths as they appear, providing a dynamic approach to running that will have a powerful effect on your training.

You can find out more about how to create your plan below, or check out Zoazi’s YouTube for more videos:

How do I get started?

You can download the Zoazi Running Coach app on both iOS and Android. If you want to learn more about the app, visit the Zoazi website here.

Written by

Kate Sellers

Kate Sellers

Kate is our Senior Digital Executive and a keen runner. She's also a qualified Personal Trainer and yoga teacher, so she knows her stuff about workouts, cross-training and stretching. She loves to combine running and exploring, so you'll often find her testing out the latest kit in exciting locations across the UK and beyond. Kate champions exercising for enjoyment. "Most of the year, you'll find me running for fun and wellbeing," she says. "That being said, I do still love the thrill of training for a race from time to time!"

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