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Airofit Pro review

Author: Kate Sellers

Read Time:   |  May 23, 2022

We find out why breathing training is so important for runners and tested out the Airofit Pro to see how it works

Increasing your lung capacity while you’re sat on the sofa? Now this is the kind of training we can get on board with. Which is why we were super excited to try out the Airofit Pro breathing trainer. Not heard of it before? Scroll down for some more info, or jump straight to our reviews here.

What is breathing training?

For runners, losing your breath may become a significant bump in the road. Whether you’re jogging once a week to stay healthy, you are an entry level runner or a professional athlete looking to strengthen your endurance or to develop your pace, proper breathing techniques can give your running a boost.

While you run your breathing is controlled by respiratory muscles. Therefore strengthening your respiratory muscles through the respiratory muscle training could lead to increased performance, stronger endurance and better pace.

That’s why you should train your respiratory muscles just like any other muscle group. Airofit Pro is a ground-breaking breathing training system which provides resistance training to develop the breathing muscles, make them stronger, faster and more efficient. Regardless of your performance level, you will see improvements in strength, endurance, and pace to achieve your goals. Suddenly, you don’t run out of breath as fast, you can stick to a steady pace without having to slow down.

Vital Lung Capacity

Vital Lung Capacity is another area which is crucial for any runner. We have all heard that you should take deep breaths – and that’s very valid advice. Those deep breaths contribute to efficient air exchange in your lungs and efficient energy usage.

Airofit increases your accessible lung capacity so you can inhale more air at once, reduce breathing rate and preserve energy.

The ability to inhale and exhale more air at once means you can take fewer breaths, waste less energy on breathing and leave more for the locomotor muscles.

Not just for runners

All of the above applies not only to athletes, but also to those who are interested in improving their general wellbeing or health regardless of age or current fitness level. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from Airofit PRO system. Airofit is widely used by asthmatics, people suffering from COPD, and even singers.

The Airofit app is well made and will guide you through different programs depending on your level and goals. Each program has a specific training purpose (respiratory strength, vital lung capacity, anaerobic threshold, special training for particular sports including football, cycling, running, golf). The three levels of difficulty make the training very progressive and never too hard. The simplicity of the app design makes it easy to follow the exercises and, if it is not crystal clear for you, they added video tutorials to explain each of them. You simply cannot go wrong.

Wellbeing benefits

Another crucial area is the impact of Aitrofit on well-being, especially in the areas of sleep and balance. You can learn to relax your body better by doing some special breathing exercises. By dedicating time to your breathing practice and utilizing the preset revitalization and relaxation-based modules in Airofit Pro training app, you will begin to breathe fully and deeply, triggering a natural relaxation response as well as going into the natural breathing pattern.

The modules in the Airofit Pro app have been designed by many of the top thought leaders from the art and science of breathing and have taken care to provide the best breath training for your specific needs.

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of health and wellness and with the help of Airofit you can get back to your natural rhythm, gain back your energy and enjoy the pleasures of life.

Gaining control of your breath is also a positive step in helping alleviating stress in your everyday life. Airofit provides a simple and easy way to interact with your breathing. While following the instructions in the Airofit app, you will begin to naturally pay more attention to how your breath enters and exits the body, which will bring you a deeper awareness and help you to slow down. It will give you balance and positive energy with every breath.

How to use it

Airofit is highly manageable, visually appealing, and built on state-of-the-art technology. The Airofit PRO System consists of an Airofit Breathing Trainer and a Virtual Breathing Coach in an interactive mobile app, allowing you to train your Respiratory strength, Vital lung capacity, Anaerobic threshold, and other areas of your breathing.

When it comes to breathing training, consistency is key. It is very easy to use and it takes only 5-10 minutes a day to have a regular work out with this gadget. Simply spend 5 minutes in the morning after you wake up and 5 minutes in the evening before you go to bed.

Kate’s review

As a keen yogi, I thought I had my breathing down. I’m always pretty good at those breathing exercise you do in class and felt as though my lungs worked decently when running. So I’ll admit that I had a bit of a swagger (well, as much as one can swagger while using an app) when I launched the Airofit Pro app to get started.

First of all, you do a lung test to see where you’re at: a must in any training programme. You have to set the Airofit Pro on the hardest setting, pop it in your mouth and do a big inhale and exhale. It did take me a few goes to actually remember to breathe in and out of my mouth, not my nose, but once I got that I was away. And my results were a bit of a surprise to me! My lung capacity was great (thanks, yoga), and above where was ‘expected’ for me based upon the stats I had entered. But both my inhalation and exhalation strength were woefully low compared to my expected level.

The good news? That’s something I can fix literally from my sofa now. Straight away I started on my recommended plan, which gave me little exercises to do breathing in and out of the device. I’m quite competitive with myself, and enjoyed seeing the real-time strength of each inhalation and exhalation on the screen – although sometimes I did try so hard that I got a little light-headed! This might be TMI, but I would also definitely recommend having a tissue to hand for taking the device out, if you’re a saliva-prone person like myself. 

Airofit say that once you start you can’t stop, and I would agree. I looked forward to my breathing training every night and also really enjoyed the feeling afterwards; all that extra oxygen definitely did me some good and boosted my mood. I also did a mindful breathing exercise, and did feel lovely and calm after. I redid my lung test after just a week of exercises and saw a marked improvement, and I did feel as though breathing was easier as I ran – though I know I still have far to go.

I also had chance to rifle through the app and take a look at the other programmes, which I’m really excited to try once I’ve improved my breathing strength more. There’s one for increasing your anerobic threshold (great for runners, as it helps you run at high intensity for longer) and one for lung capacity, as well as some advanced programmes that work on all different elements of breathing strength for everything from running to golf. I can’t wait to see what impact it has on my performance over the coming weeks – I’ll be sure to keep you updated! 

Holly’s review

My running massively took a backseat over the pandemic and I’m only just starting to get my mojo back. Building back fitness has been tough, and breathing has been a real issue for me. I’ve noticed that I struggle with breathing a lot more than I used to, so I couldn’t wait to try this out.

Setting up my Airofit was super simple – the quick guide that comes with your kit tells you everything you need to know and, after a swift app install, I was ready to tackle some breath training.

The app creates a simple profile of you and your breathing to help point you in the right direction, so I started by entering a few personal details and taking a quick breathing test. As predicted, my inhalation and exhalation power totally sucked to start with and I fell below the average that the app had presented me with. But this added fuel to the fire inside me, and I felt determined to stick to my new regime. Plus, I was quietly smug with my lung capacity, which was slightly better than I expected. My years singing in the local choir may not have been the sexiest, but they served me well in the end – thanks, lungs!

The sessions are clearly indicated in the app, so there’s no getting lost. I took my first session (at Beginner level, obvs, though Intermediate and Advanced are available too) and found the instructions easy to follow, with helpful graphics that guide you as you breathe. I was pleasantly surprised to be awarded 81%, along with a big wiggling flame to indicate the start of my streak. Like the proverbial moth, I have to admit I was drawn to this, and it’s kept me coming back so I don’t break my pattern and my flame doesn’t die out!

I’ve been using Airofit for a several days running now, and I can’t wait to see my results improve. The stats are fascinating – I’ve never known my lung capacity or my inspiratory and expiratory pressure before, and it’s been a learning curve. Just as with running training, there are plenty of different technical sessions you can get stuck into as well: I’ve been focussing on circular breathing so far (I know, listen to how techy I sound), but I’m keen to try the Diamond and Pyramid patterns along with some elevation training next.

The Airofit has truly reshaped the way I feel about my breathing. I used to be anxious that I knew it needed improvement, but I wasn’t sure where to start. This tech has shown me the way, and it’s left me genuinely excited to stick to my daily session and see how far I can go.

Find out more about the Airofit Pro.

Written by

Kate Sellers

Kate Sellers

Kate is our Senior Digital Executive and a keen runner. She's also a qualified Personal Trainer and yoga teacher, so she knows her stuff about workouts, cross-training and stretching. She loves to combine running and exploring, so you'll often find her testing out the latest kit in exciting locations across the UK and beyond. Kate champions exercising for enjoyment. "Most of the year, you'll find me running for fun and wellbeing," she says. "That being said, I do still love the thrill of training for a race from time to time!"

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