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Tech of the month: Sony NW-WS413 Headphones

Read Time:   |  August 4, 2016

Sony NW-WS413

Anyone born before the 80s will probably remember trying to run with a Sony Walkman. Lugging the bulky cassette player around on a five-mile run was more like resistance training than anything akin to a pleasurable listening experience. Worse yet, portable headphones were terrible back then – they were at least two-thirds sponge. Music and running weren’t compatible.

Fast-forward a few decades and things have changed. Sony has evolved its Walkman range from cassettes, to CDs, via MiniDiscs and MP3s. Except now the digital files don’t sit in a separate player – in the case of the Sony NW-WS413s, 4GB of music can be stored in a set of wire-free headphones.

The NW-WS413s are bigger than your average set of headphones, but are comfortable to wear and stay in place when you up the intensity of your workouts. And, for those of you who lean towards the tri side of training, these headphones are a real boon. They’re completely waterproof, so you can wear them in the pool – and they allow you to hear ambient sounds, making them safer to cycle with.

The sound quality is decent, even in the water. The controls on the headphones are easy to navigate and adding music is simply a case of dragging and dropping files. For people who want to train – no matter what sport – to music, these headphones are an easy way to access the tunes you need to get motivated.

Price: £79

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