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Best In Test: Support Shoes

Read Time:   |  April 20, 2018

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Comfort: 10
Fit: 10
Responsiveness: 10, £135

These trainers are amazing! I’ve not worn such a light shoe before and, although there was less forefoot padding compared to my usual trainers, I found them extremely comfortable. They look great and the rippled cushioning on the outsole is certainly visually appealing. The padding suits my forefoot running style and I felt they aided better form. I’d highly recommend. – Tester, Paula Williams


Comfort: 8

Fit: 8

Responsiveness: 8, £110

I’ve wanted to try HOKAs for a long time and was so pleased to get them to test. They’re not as bulky as you would initially think, or as heavy. The visible wedge-shaped heel isn’t noticeable when wearing them at all. The rocker system inside that, designed to promote a smooth roll from initial impact to toe-off, takes a while to get used to, but does provide a very bouncy feel to your running. These are worn by a lot of distance runners, and I can see why; they didn’t work well for speed work, but were so comfortable on longer runs. – tester Paula Williams


Comfort: 7

Fit: 7

Responsiveness: 7 £109

These are great looking shoes. They’re also a generous sizing, which I found ideal for the wider foot and on longer runs. The supportive midsole gives good cushioned stability, which felt comfortable on the ankles and knees after clocking some miles. They are lightweight and the tread is minimal so they’re fast, perfect for road running. The upper part of the shoe is well ventilated and allowed the feet to breathe well. – Tester, Claire Kelson


Comfort: 9

Fit: 10

Responsiveness: 9, £99.95

One of the most comfortable shoes I’ve tried. They feel really soft and padded inside, which makes them fit perfectly. There is plenty of room in the toe box for wider feet. I love them! – Tester, Claire Kelson

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Comfort: 9

Fit: 6

Responsiveness: 8, £120

A great stability shoe. It feels really cushioned and supportive but still lightweight, and comfortable for long runs. The fit is snug and quite narrow, so I went up half a size and they fit perfectly. – Tester, Ellie Allford


Comfort: 9

Fit: 8

Responsiveness: 9,£110

I’d been struggling with ankle problems but with these I haven’t had one niggle. Nice bright cheery colour, lightweight and comfy. Love them. (Though I maybe should have gone up half a size.) –  Tester, Louise Breckon-Richards


Comfort: 9

Fit: 10

Responsiveness: 9, £150

These were the perfect fit for my narrow feet! I loved the strong, supportive heel, which keeps your ankle aligned. They offer great stability on longer runs – you don’t notice you’re wearing them. – Tester, Tina Chantrey


Comfort: 9

Fit: 9

Responsiveness: 9, £150

A great support shoe that felt comfortable during speed work and steadier runs. The colour is vibrant and got some great comments. The midsole offers fantastic cushioning, they gripped well in damp conditions and supported my foot well. – Tester, Paula Williams


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