Best In Test: Sports Bras | Women's Running

Best In Test: Sports Bras

Read Time:   |  February 2, 2018

Zaazee Ellie Bra


Fit: 10/10

Comfort: 10/10

Support: 10/10, £35

“This really is an amazing bra. It looks great, provides just the right support and is comfortable to wear. It’s now my bra of choice and I highly recommend it. It washes and dries well, and is so soft to touch, very unlike any other sports bra I’ve owned”. – Tester, Susan Bonnar

Editors Notes: I completely agree with Susan; I’ve been running in this bra for about six months and it’s my favourite, too. You can put it on in the morning, ready for your run later in the day and forget you’re wearing it. It’s Number One for comfort.

Bellum Black Diamond Luxe Crop Bra

Fit: 8/10 || Comfort: 9/10 || Support: 9/10, £50

“This was a stylish bra that you feel you want to wear when you go for a run. I found it very comfy and there was definitely no chafing, even on long runs. I would ideally have a slightly smaller size. It was very easy to get on and off. I loved it.” – Tester, Louise Breckon-Richards


Fit: 8/10 || Comfort: 8/10 || Support: 10/10, £35

“This was possibly the most supportive sports bra I have ever worn! It was comfortable and the fit was snug, but not suffocating.” – Tester, Laura Kay.


Fit: 9/10 || Comfort: 10/10 || Support: 9/10, £25

“I loved this crop top: great design, brilliant colour, and super soft and comfy. It works! A little tight the first time I wore it, but after the first wash it felt much better. Easy to get on and off. You stay dry and retain your body temperature.” – Tester, Geraldine Perrier.


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