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Smile for miles: we test out the MT Cushion trail shoe from Evadict

Read Time:   |  September 8, 2020

Seek out new adventures with the lightweight MT Cushion from Evadict

The new MT Cushion from Evadict is a truly special shoe for all runners heading out on to the trails, from beginners to experienced elites. It’s been designed for all of us wanting to push our limits.

The MT Cushion has been put through its paces, with two years of thorough testing, and the end result is a shoe that’s as technical as you need it to be, with some real surprises too!

Technical details

With deep 5mm multi-directional lugs, the MT Cushion offers serious traction, no matter what terrain you throw at it. The smart spacing between the lugs, combined with the brilliant grip, means you can tackle the muddiest, rockiest trails and you only need to concentrate on the beauty of the world around you, while the MT Cushion does the dirty work.

The MT also benefits from a shallow 4mm drop, something that us trail runners often prefer, supporting our legs through changing terrain.

The unexpected

Incredibly light for a trail shoe, the MT Cushion comes in at just 255g: that’s what you’d expect for a decent road shoe, not a trail shoe! And it’s also incredibly comfortable. The highly developed so cushion guarantees you optimal comfort on the path and the so sole and foam are a true cocoon for your feet.

Meanwhile Evadict’s K-Only technology offers a denser foam under the ball of the foot, offering a responsive, propulsive ride.

That lightness and comfort means you can run uninterrupted for as long as you like, discovering new paths, and finding new freedom in the world around you.

The best bit?

There’s a lace pocket on the tongue! Tuck your laces away before you head off, and you won’t have to re-tie them through the duration of your run, or have to deal with untangling filthy laces at the end.

With the Evadict MT Cushion, nothing can stop you now!

Price: £69.99
Drop: 4mm
Traction: 5mm
Weight: 255g

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Holly Taylor

Holly Taylor

Currently training for her second half marathon

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