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SKINS: engineered for performance

Read Time:   |  September 16, 2018

SKINS compression products are designed to flourish under the dynamic demands of physical activity. By wrapping your active and recovering muscles in supportive and stabilising compression panels, SKINS garments are engineered to boost oxygenated blood flow to improve performance, fight fatigue and speed up recovery.

SKINS’ products are suitable for all kinds of training, whether you are a runner, a fitness lover or a Yogi. But that’s not all. Designed using the latest colour trends and unique seasonal prints, SKINS ensures your workout style is always on point.


  • BODY AWARENESS: SKINS stimulates sensory receptors to help joints and muscles understand where they are and what position they’re in to support fluid movement.
  • TONE & SHAPE: SKINS reduces muscle movement and bounce, keeping your body aligned and moving efficiently.
  • CONTROLLED MOVEMENT: SKINS stabilises and controls core muscle groups, improving form and posture.
  • IMPROVED STRENGTH: SKINS improves body strength, maintaining your resilience and power throughout your workout.
  • BODY REGENERATION: SKINS enhances blood circulation and the natural regeneration process to help you feel better, sooner.

SKINS DNAmic Gradient Compression is tighter around the lower calf and forearm and gradually eases up closer to the heart. SKINS Compression is applied in a targeted manner for superior comfort and maximum performance.

SKINS compression garments use warp knit fabric technology for durability, stability and stretch recovery. We have a long tradition of developing our own fabrics with unique properties that enhance compression functionality. With a premium selection of yarns, SKINS brings a high level of comfort through soft-touch fabrics and moisture management tech for optimal temperature control.

Visit SKINS.NET to view the full range and learn more.

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