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On Cloudrunner shoes review

Author: Laura Fountain

Read Time:   |  June 16, 2022


On Cloudrunner | £130 | Tester: Laura Fountain

The Cloudrunner is a new and updated version of an everyday supportive shoe designed to provide comfort through every mile. We test it out...

I’ve long thought that, if James Bond were a runner, he’d wear On running shoes. There’s something very sophisticated about their design and, straight out of the box, they have an ‘engineered’ feel about them.

They’re a Swiss brand and the vibe is very much one of cool but precise. There are no bright or garish colours in the On running shoe range. They’re far too chilled out for that.

But looks aren’t everything, so when the new On Cloudrunner shoes landed on my doorstep, I was keen to see how they actually performed on the run.

The On Cloudrunner is designed for pavementsOn Cloudrunner technical details

Weight: 250g
Sizes: Women UK 3-9
Drop: 9mm

More than 90% of its polyester is recycled, with over 30% of the entire shoe being made from recycled materials.

On Cloudrunner pros:

  • They look great
  • Comfortable ride for medium to long runs
  • Reasonably priced

On Cloudrunner cons:

  • Purely a running shoe – they’re not something you’ll be wearing to a workout class
  • Regular version fits quite narrow, but wide version available
  • You probably won’t want to wear them when it’s raining – they look far too nice!

Who is the On Cloudrunner for?

The On Cloudrunner is designed with both beginner runners and returning runners in mind. The idea behind the design is that this group of runners might need a little more encouragement to keep going and will therefore benefit from a more comfortable shoe. But we all know that it’s not just beginners that like comfort or, indeed, need a little push every now and again, so I would say they’re suitable for any runner looking for a comfortable shoe.

What kind of running is the On Cloudrunner designed for?

It’s a shoe for pavement pounders. The CloudTec® cushioning is made from ultralight Zero-Gravity foam and is designed to absorb both vertical and horizontal forces you’re subjected to when you run on hard surfaces.

How do the On Cloudrunner shoes fit?

The fit is true to size. I have slightly narrow feet and these were a good fit for me. If you usually wear a wide fitting shoe, these may be a little too snug for you in the standard size, but they do offer a wide fit option.

Are the On Cloudrunner shoes comfy?

Yes! This shoe certainly delivers on the comfort promise On have made. They have good ankle support so if, like me, you like a pair of shoes that feels snug and secure around the ankle, these will be great for you.

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On Cloudrunner 5K review

My first run in this shoe was an easy 5k loop of a local rowing lake. It’s a mixture of road and tarmac path, all smooth surfaces and the ideal testing ground for a shoe that’s intended to withstand a lot of pavement pounding.

The first mile was disappointing. There was nothing wrong with the shoe, but nothing wowed me about it. But as I plodded onwards on my loop, I started to appreciate the On Cloudrunner. There was a feeling of security to it, the way it cradled my foot and hugged my ankle. I’d gone out expecting it to be a simple, bouncy shoe for short, easy runs but it felt like it deserved more than my 5k.

On Cloudrunner 5 mile review

Later that week I went for an early morning jaunt with a running friend. As we chatted our way through 5 miles of pavements, I barely thought about the shoes I was wearing, and this was a good thing. There were no irritating bits rubbing and I didn’t think twice about the few short stretches of looser path.

On Cloudrunner long run review

Having coped so well with 5 miles, I decided to take them out for a longer stint – I headed out on Sunday morning aiming to do 8 miles. It was a hot day so I headed for a tree-lined, off-road route. This isn’t a technical trail, it’s used regularly by cyclists and horse-riders. But it’s not tarmac and less predictable than pavement. This was no problem for the Cloudrunner though and they supported me through the 7 miles that I ran (and occasionally walked). It was too hot for the full 8 miles I’d wanted to do, but despite that, the breathability of the shoe upper delivered and I finished my run blister-free.

How does the new On Cloudrunner compare to the previous versions of the shoe?

There have been a few updates to the previous Cloudrunner. The width of the bottom unit in the forefoot and heel area has been increased to make the shoe more supportive. This means you now land and push off on a wider platform. There’ve been changes to the distinctive On ‘clouds’ too (the little gaps in the sole). You might notice smaller clouds on the inside of the foot than on the outside of the foot – this aims to better support the foot’s movement from heel to toe.

On Cloudrunner vs Brooks Adrenaline

The On Cloudrunner is the same price as a pair of Brooks Adrenaline and both do a very similar job. They’re both cushioned shoes that offer support. As a long-time Adrenaline fan, it’s a tough call as to which I’d be grabbing for a long run on comfort alone. But the On Cloudrunner is definitely the better looking shoe.

Where can I buy the On Cloudrunner?

The On Cloudrunner is £130 and is available in three colourways. You can buy it online at On Running, or find a local On Running stockist.

Written by

Laura Fountain

Laura Fountain

Journalist, run coach and author of the The Lazy Runner, Laura has run over 20 marathons

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