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Review: Sensoria Run v2.0

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  November 7, 2017

Sensoria Run v2.0 $119 (sports bra+HRM), $199 (socks+anklet),


Two hours into a long one and, despite best intentions, how many of us are still running with good form? Cadence data on a GPS sportswatch is easily ignored when tired. Not so if it’s fed regularly into your lug holes though, as the Sensoria Run 2.0 set-up does. While an AI-powered coach announces your cadence, special sci-fi socks with sensors and an anklet read ground-impact forces, and coach tells you off if you’re striking too hard or landing heel first. Naff motivational lines – something about looking glorious when sweaty – are a small price to pay. The app shows a foot heat-map, has training plans and more. It’s excellent, really productive information. Even if the GPS data is way out, for things like distance.

The socks are thick, but made from antibacterial, anti-blistering, sweat-wicking material and didn’t cause any issues. Most of us (apart from the WR editor) wash our socks after every run. Meaning you might otherwise only get this data perhaps twice a week. But the antibacterial treatment is so effective, leaving these for two, even three, runs doesn’t sour the air. Though they’ll need washing sometimes – and you’ll miss out on data then.

A Sensoria HRM also attaches to a bespoke t-shirt and a smart shoe is on the way. The future has arrived. The future is socks.

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