Saucony Endorphin Speed running shoe review - Women's Running

Saucony Endorphin Speed running shoe review

Author: Esther Newman

Read Time:   |  January 12, 2021

This is what we think of the Saucony Endorphin Speed

My poker face is pretty rubbish at the best of times. I get saucer eyes if I spot some longer-length leggings, or a pair of decent compression socks, or a packet of Tyrrell’s Furrows. With the Saucony Endorphin Speeds, I’d been looking forward to these for such a long time, and was so utterly convinced as a slow-ish runner that I didn’t really deserve them, that not only were the saucer eyes in full effect, but I actually squealed when they turned up. Like a child. I may even have clapped a little bit, too.

I mean, look at them. Even before they went on my feet, I had to appreciate their sheer beauty. Some people like prints; some people like sparkles; some people like single colours. I like all those things, but I LOVE a bit of colour blocking. The styling on these Speeds is just stunning. So there I am, cooing over the opened box, and then I picked one of them up.

Have you scrolled down to the weight at the bottom, there? Do that now. 198g for a pair of runners. 198g. Now that’s tricky to appreciate if you don’t have a pair of scales to hand, but let me put it this way: they’re LIGHT. For comparison, the Nike Vaporfly Next% is 210g. The Brooks Hyperion Elite is 215g. Honestly, they’re featherlight. So if you’re interested in shaving some serious seconds off, then these Speeds will help you do exactly that.

What do they feel like?

Oooh, comfy. Having tried a few plated shoes before, the expectation was stiffness, but that wasn’t met. My preference is for some cushion, but I like it to feel responsive, and that’s exactly what you get with these. The fit around the toes is great, with a comfortable amount of wriggle room (I went half a size up, which I would do normally). And around the midfoot, it feels snug and secure. The tongue is partially sewn in, so there’s no movement there, and the comfort and fit underfoot is spot on.

And on a run?

The responsiveness is just dreamy. The opposite of the Princess and the Pea, you really can’t feel a thing in terms of road differentials: the bounce is sort of like floating. That plate does its job of propelling, while the PWRRUN PB cushioning gives you an almost unparalleled feeling of comfort with every step.

If you’re umming and ahhing about running with a plate in your shoes, thinking perhaps it’s the preserve of elite runners, then listen up: don’t um and ah. These things are here to help you – not just superstar marathon runners. This composite plate stays relatively inflexible, and what it does is when you strike the pavement, it acts a little bit like a see-saw, and the weight of your strike pushes you back up and forward. It’s like a sneaky running superpower. Saucony calls this SPEEDROLL, and after a few steps, you can see why the marketing department came up with the name: they roll you forwards. Speedily.

So what do we think?

The thing to remember is that you categorially do NOT need to be a speed demon to see results with these shoes, or to enjoy running in them. I’ve been wearing them on my distinctly average 5-10K runs, in a random onslaught of winter weathers, and they have been a joy. I’ve run a tiny bit faster, my feet feel secure with no pronation, and I’ve felt pretty powerful, if I’m honest. The comfort is great, and not to be underrated: almost the best thing you can say about a shoe is that you don’t think about them while you’re running, and the Speeds certainly live up to that.

I had two minor niggles, which were related. Firstly, the heel initially felt a bit slippy, but heel-lock lacing later sorted the issue (check out the video below on how to do that). The second niggle was that the laces on these are a touch short, which means that if you’re doing complicated lacing, you might find you don’t quite have enough to double-lace, if that’s your security thing.

But that aside, here are the takeaways. The Endorphin Speeds are beautiful, bouncy, speedy and exceptionally well made. Yes, the price on average might seem toppy, but with other brands, you simply don’t get this level of tech and performance in this bracket: what you get with the Endorphin Speeds is everything you’d expect for 200 quid at just £155. And that’s remarkable value for money.

Small sad thing? After a few longer mileage runs, they’re not quite so spangly white. Sadface. But I still think they’re pretty.

Heel-lock lacing:

The details

Category: neutral
Drop: 8mm
Weight: 198g (women’s)
Price: £155

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Esther Newman

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