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Run better with X-Bionic

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  July 26, 2016


Since 2000 X-Bionic has been redefining the world of functional clothing. At the outset it posed the questions: What is it that makes our body so eminently capable? Where are perfect examples to be found in nature? How can textiles help athletes use their energy resources more efficiently?

Our engineers make use of high-tech research and innovative materials. No detail is superfluous and every fibre has a function. Here are two products designed specifically for women who run and who want to maximise their performance still further.


X-Bionic Trick Running Shirt, Short Sleeved From £79.99
You used to have to work hard to make your body sweat – sometimes so hard you started to overheat. Now your back can have total control of your heat management. A special pad along your spinal column simulates your body overheating. You therefore start to produce sweat earlier. This prevents the risk of overheating and enhances your performance. Perfectly tailored to the female body, there are systems on the shoulders, chest and back to distribute sweat perfectly and evaporate it efficiently. Try it and don’t look back.

X-Bionic Effektor Power Shirt, Short Sleeved
From £84.99
The blood in your arms have a tough road back to your heart – against the force of gravity and against the centrifugal force created by your arm movement. Enter the Effecktor Running Powershirt with performance-enhancing X-Bionic Partial Kompression in the entire upper body and additional compression applied to the arms. The return of venous blood has an easier time of it, and your cardiovascular system saves you energy. You gain even more power with the large 3D-bionicSphere System on the back: it relieves your body’s own need for temperature management. Neural-Response-Bandages on the elbows provide for quicker, more precise muscular response.

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