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Review: Snugs Active Earphones

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  June 14, 2017

Snugs Active Earphones

Let’s be honest here. When running, earphones are almost always either regularly plopping out, which can be infuriating, or are hideously uncomfortable. Enter Snugs Active Earphones. They are custom-fitted earphones, so theoretically, they’ll fit your ears exactly, be comfortable and never fall out. Have we finally reached the promised land?

First a nice person from Snugs comes and sticks a few things in your ears (after diplomatically suggesting you clean them), then magically produces a 3D scan. That’s taken away and a bespoke earpiece that precisely fits your waxy cavity is produced. This reviewer was told he had an unusual shaped ear channel, hence perhaps why earphones never seem to stay in for long, so Snugs made the earpiece broader than usual so it would grip better in the outer ear bit (not the technical term).

The earpieces felt a tad odd initially, as you’d expect. But we soon got used to them. They were worn recently at the Marathon des Sables and never fell out, while remaining comfortable as the ears were blasted with the Top Gun soundtrack. The sound quality is top-notch, the noise isolation superb. They also survived intact despite all that sand. A wide range of colours are offered, as is the choice between wireless and wired. All in all, Snugs Active Earphones are rather ruddy excellent.



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