Reach your full potential with PulseOn

Reach your full potential with PulseOn

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  December 15, 2014

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As a runner, measuring your heart rate is important, as it can tell you a number of key stats, including:

  • Your fitness level
  • The impact of training on your fitness
  • Whether you’re training optimally, or whether you’re over or under-training
  • How much time you need to recover
  • How many calories you are burning
  • PulseOn will listen to your heart as you train and then transform this data into easy-to-action information, helping you to reach your full potential.

Lose the chest strap!
Forget the traditional chest strap – PulseOn is different. It brings you a combination of comfort and style that makes heart-rate monitoring easier than ever. The stylish wrist device measures your heart rate accurately from your wrist, without the need for a chest strap, allowing you to get the most out of training. This, combined with the meaningful heart-rate information it captures both during and after training, makes it an easy-to-use device that will help you maximise your training.

How does PulseOn work?
PulseOn’s proprietary optical heart-rate sensor technology is based on its innovation for multi-wavelength measurement. Combined with its highly sophisticated algorithms to extract and analyse heart rate in a range of conditions, PulseOn monitors your heart rate continuously during your training and beyond. With wireless connectivity to mobile applications, PulseOn transforms your heart-rate data into meaningful feedback on your training, meaning it’s truly personalised. PulseOn tells you what your heart rate really means.

Get £30 off!
If you want to try it for yourself, you can now purchase a PulseOn device for just £149.99 throughout January, saving you £30 on the RRP of £179.99. Click here to buy now!

For more information about PulseOn, please click here.

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