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Pulseroll massage gun review

Author: Holly Taylor

Read Time:   |  May 23, 2022

We check out the massage gun, vibrating ball and vibrating foam roller from the Pulseroll recovery range

Mini massage guns are revolutionising the world of running recovery, making sports massage more affordable and accessible for everyday runners like us. Here Megan and I test out the Pulseroll mini massage gun, as well as some other recovery essentials, to find out which one might be the best for you.

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pulseroll mini massage gun review

PULSEROLL Mini Massage Gun | £129.99
Testers: Megan and Holly

From the off, we were both big fans of the Pulseroll mini massage gun. As with all the Pulseroll products, it was packaged beautifully when it arrived and comes with a durable case so you can stick it in your gym bag or take it away with you. “It’s great for keeping the heads and charging port safe, too,” points out Megan, as each of the four interchangeable heads and charging accessories fits neatly into its own space and is easy to access.

Small but mighty

The Pulseroll mini massage gun was the first of its size that I’d tried, and I was expecting it to be lightweight and easily portable, but wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of power. I wasn’t disappointed on either front – it’s definitely light enough to carry around with you, but its got a real strength and sturdiness to it. Megan and I both found that the smaller size was a big benefit in terms of ease of use, allowing you to really work into those niggly areas of your body as you can easily operate it with just one hand.

The gun has four different speeds, and you can easily increase speed to add pressure by pressing the touch screen button on its base. “The different speeds provide quick and effective recovery for all muscle groups,” said Megan, “and after just one use I felt instant relief.” The powerful percussive technology increases your blood flow and flushes lactic acid away, making it particularly useful for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), but the gentle massage the slower speeds provide is also excellent for treating injury. I’d been struggling with sore hip flexors, and found that the Pulseroll mini gun was powerful enough to give deep but gentle massage treatment that helped me get up and running again far quicker than the last time I injured myself.

The verdict

Megan and I agreed that we wouldn’t be without a percussive massage device, and that this was the best mini one we tested. The lower price point is a huge plus, but its versatility is its real crowning glory: with Round head, Pneumatic head, Spinal head and Bullet head attachments, as well as four distinctly different speeds, we’ve yet to find a mini massage gun with so many recovery options. It also comes with an invaluable manual featuring useful diagrams and advice on treating common muscular aches and pains, which we both found really handy despite having used a massage gun before.

Check out the Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun in action:

pulseroll vibrating ball review

PULSEROLL Vibrating Single Ball | £84.99
Tester: Holly

What’s it for?

The vibrating ball might be one for you if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, as I found it most useful on the soles of my feet, but it’s also great for glutes and calves. Just like the massage gun, you can hold it to a specific muscle and apply pressure through one of the four powerful speeds, rolling the ball around with the palm of your hand and pushing gently against your body. But the added benefit of this vibrating ball is that you can sit or lie on it as you would a foam roller, rolling up and down or side to side and controlling the pressure yourself. Plus, the vibration does most of the work for you, so you don’t have move around as much as you would with a standard ball or foam roller. This is where the handy remote control comes in – adjust the speed as you go without having to remove the ball.

The verdict

Once again, I was hugely impressed by the versatility of this ball – the speed increase makes a huge difference and it can really work into nooks and crannies. I’d recommend getting a partner or running buddy to help you treat your back or shoulders, but for lower-body aches and pains it’s easy peasy to operate yourself. It also comes with a bag for ease of travel, is easy to charge and has a six-hour battery life. It would only benefit from some added instruction on how to use it, as I had to refer to the Pulseroll website for help. I found it more powerful than the mini massage gun, but it lacks the interchangeable heads that make upper-body use more comfortable. For use on your legs, glutes and feet, though, this vibrating ball is brilliant.

pulseroll vibrating foam roller review

PULSEROLL Vibrating Foam Roller | £99.99
Tester: Megan

What’s it for?

If you swear by foam rolling, this could really up your recovery game without changing it entirely. The first of its kind in the UK, the Pulseroll foam roller adds an extra vibration element that provides gentle massage at the lower speed levels and deep treatment as speed increases, with a top engine power of 3900 RPM and 61 Hz.

The verdict

“The vibrating foam roller has really changed my recovery process,” said Megan. “The added vibration targets sore muscles more quickly and allows for speedier recovery. The four different speeds are perfect for the different muscle groups and provide relief, meaning you can get back to exercise quicker and less achy than before. The perfect companion pre and post workout! It’s super easy to use on your own and even comes with a remote control to change the speed. I was surprised by how lightweight the foam roller was, coming in at 1kg.
If you’re looking to save money on physios look no further than this range from Pulseroll. You will not be disappointed.”

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Holly Taylor

Holly Taylor

Holly Taylor is the digital editor of Women’s Running and co-host of the Women’s Running podcast, where she shares her running journey as well as the inspiring stories of women runners all over the country. She’s never been the sporty type, but running is the first time she’s felt real joy in getting active. She loves talking about running with a community of inclusive and supportive runners, and Women's Running is the perfect space for this. She's currently aiming for a half marathon PB!

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