Promotion: Compression wear. Re-invented.

Promotion: Compression wear. Re-invented.

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  January 16, 2017

SKINS WR in web copy

For a while now, SKINS has been teasing with its ‘S***S about to change’ campaign – claiming ‘we just reinvented the technology we invented’ and assuredly hash-tagging #bestincompression. Well this week, retailers and consumers got to put these bold assertions to the test with the launch of SKINS’ brand new A400 range. And the best-selling international sports compression wear leader is confident fans across the world will not be disappointed…

So what exactly has been ‘reinvented’ by the only brand that can legitimately claim to be the originator of sports compression wear? And why ‘A400?’

This impressive range has been developed based on no less than 400 key body touch points, making it the most technologically advanced sports compression wear on the market. Its Dynamic Gradient Compression has been vigorously tested with athletes and scientifically proven to accelerate blood flow to deliver more oxygen to specific active muscles, while removing painful lactic acid. Simply put, they enable you to ‘Train harder. Recover faster.’

ADAPTIVE by HeiQ Dynamic Cooling
The new A400 incorporates ‘ADAPTIVE by HeiQ Dynamic Cooling’, which delivers moisture management properties triggered by body temperature. When it’s cool, A400 garments bind in moisture to keep the wearer feeling warm and dry. But when the temperature rises, stored moisture is released, allowing the body to cool down. It’s compression wear’s most advanced temperature management system ever.

More comfortable. More supportive. More durable.
Design enhancements and scientifically enhanced fabrics not only make the new A400 more comfortable and more durable than ever before, they also ensure muscle alignment is supported, thereby reducing the risk of injury. And, with its 50+ UV protection providing excellent security against harmful rays, the A400 is set to become a firm favourite for year-round training and performance across the globe.

Since SKINS launched in the 90s, it has been dedicated to continual research, development, improvement. Its aim is to ensure that anyone serious about sport, training, performance and fast recovery considers SKINS a vital part of their kit – ‘It’s equipment, not clothing.’ The new A400 is its latest offering to the sports compression wear market and it sets the bar high.

Find out about the NEW A400 range here.

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