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OOFOS Women’s OOMG Eezee Low Shoe review

Author: Esther Newman

Read Time:   |  July 6, 2021

We put OOFOS's latest recovery shoe to the test – here's the verdict...

OOFOS Women’s OOMG Eezee Low recovery shoe £110
Tester: Esther

For many runners, OOFOS recovery shoes are just as important as their running shoes. The technology in these disarmingly simple looking shoes has been developed to work your body less, so you can do more. They say: “Exercise is demanding on your joints, particularly in areas like your feet and ankles. And after a long day or intense workout, that translates into fatigue, muscle tightness and pain, and soreness.”

What if your shoes could reduce pressure and demand on your feet and joints after a run? So instead of that fatigue and pain, you were left feeling recharged? This is the science behind OOFOS recovery footwear. Made with proprietary OOfoam technology OOFOS absorbs 37% more impact than your usual running shoes, while the footbed supports arches to reduce energy exertion in the ankles by up to 47%. Which means walking is easier, recovery is faster, and you feel better.

Test run

And what does this mean in practice? I’ve been testing the OOMG Eezee Low Shoe, a closed shoe made with its proprietary foam footbed and a stretch woven canvas upper that hugs the top of my foot. While these are touted as recovery wear, they are ideal for active rest days, and in so doing you will aid your recovery and you’ll be back up to top speed for the following day. Recently launched in a selection of very lovely colours, I’m not sure I can say enough that I blooming well LOVE these. They are now a fundamental part of my long-run recovery, and I chuck them on as soon as I get back. The arch support is blissful, the feel underfoot is incredible, and the end result for me is far fewer aches the following day, no matter the mileage. Because they’re available as slides, flip flops, closed shoes – like these – and even boots, you can pick you preferred style, and then wear that continuously on the day of your run around the house and for those recovery walks the following day.

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