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Nike ZoomX Invincible Run shoe review

Author: Esther Newman

Read Time:   |  March 2, 2021

We’ve taken the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run out for a test drive

NIKE ZoomX Invincible Run shoes £159.95
Tester: Esther

I’m not sure what it is about Nike running shoes that makes you feel like you’re part of some sort of elite running club: I guess because pretty much every marathon winner tends to be clad in a pair of Nikes these days, that the hope is that some of that magnificence will somehow rub off. Question is: does it?

We got our hands on (and our feet in) the ZoomX Invincibles and we couldn’t wait to take them out for a spin. Mostly so that we could show our new footwear off to the neighbours, naturally.

The ZoomX definitely delivers on looks: they come in three colourways, and mine were a fresh mix-up of bright white and zesty orange. The Nike blurb on these babies is as follows: the ZoomX Invincible is a shoe for your long runs, specifically designed for energy return and comfort as the miles tick by. They’re lightweight and incredibly comfortable, with a responsive foam that helps deliver energy with every step.

Nike says that this is one of their most-tested shoes to date. To come up with the perfect long distance shoe, they commissioned a study following runners on a 12-week training programme. This testing showed that the ZoomX reduces injury in much the same way as the Nike React Infinity Run. One of the reasons for this is the Nike ZoomX foam, which Nike says is their most responsive and soft foam yet. There’s lots in there, so to balance that out – and add stability – the ZoomX has a rocker shape to roll you through a fluid footstrike.

The other thing to note is the upper, which is padded and plush around the collar, so it’s deeply comfortable around your heel and achilles.

So what’s it like to run in?

The fit is pretty near perfect, with plenty of that all-important wriggle room (I went up a size, as I normally do), and a snug feeling across the midfoot. That collar is really comfortable, with no rubbing whatsoever. And there was no movement or rubbing over any part of my foot, in fact.

And then I gave them the all-important bounce test: jumping up and down on the spot. Ooh they are BOUNCY. The springiness practically begs you to take them for a run, like an impatient puppy. This is all very good news indeed.

On the run itself the comfort is marked – ideal for a long run, or just a plod around the block, these beauties are made to disappear out of your mind so you can concentrate on the run. So that’s fantastic, but I have to say that there were two bits of the shoe that impressed me in particular. As the sort of person who tends to fall over quite a bit, I loved that really grippy outsole – you really don’t feel like you’re going to move an inch in wet or slippery conditions, of which we’ve had plenty of recently.

And the other thing I really love about the ZoomX is one of the main things I liked about the Tempo Next% – that splayed outsole under the ball of your foot. I don’t run in a support shoe, and I don’t need to particularly, but the obvious feeling of lateral support is brilliant: you can feel immediately that your footstrike is being protected, and that you have a better chance of avoiding rolling your ankles or pronating slightly on cambers.

And while I can’t promise you it’ll make you as fast as Brigid, the Zoom X is definitely a crowd pleaser: the comfort, energy return and stability make it the ideal long run shoe. It’s a fantastic launch from Nike – a shoe for all of us, for every day.

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