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Nike unveils new Vomero 12

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  February 22, 2017


Back in my school days, when I was a county-level athlete, I had a pair of Nike Vainqueur spikes (do you remember them, orange swoosh, lime-green upper) and I loved those shoes like no other. I remember going to the sports shop in the next city with my mum to buy them. They seemed to be ridiculously expensive, I felt really guilty about making her pay for them, but I WANTED them so much. Every time I put them on I felt special. Every time! I’m sure they made me just that bit better than all the competition.

Forward thousands of miles on the road, track and trails, and hundreds of races, from marathons to half marathons to 5Ks and many other distances thereabouts, and getting a new pair of Nike’s feels pretty much the same.

The rush of excitement, the first pulling on, the walking down the street with that statement on your feet saying ‘I’m a Nike Woman’… one brand, one pair of trainers, can still make those feelings surface.

Stepping into the Vomero 12s I was anticipating what they would feel like to run in, as I haven’t run in Nike’s for a couple of years. The first impression is so important and I always like to walk around the house for at least one day before I run in a new shoe. The feel first is of comfort. There are seven colourways in the Vomero 12; something for every runner and every wardrobe. The ones I was testing were the hot punch/lava glow.

The colour on the Vomero 12 is really vivid and it’s distinctive and bold. As I tend to train in a lot of black Lycra they really set off my normal outfit. When you first slip your feet into the shoe you notice the plush, soft, deep heel collar. I also liked the feel of the support under my arch. The Vomero 12’s Flywire upper mesh felt snug around the whole of my foot and the tongue is also plush, cushioned and soft. If you need to tighten the laces they aren’t going to pinch. Also these shoes don’t narrow too much going into the toe box, which some trainers do, which can aggravate foot injuries.


Underfoot the Vomero 12s felt very cushioned, due to the midsole. You’re getting a soft Lunarlon core, with two embedded Zoom Air bags for cushioning at the rear and front of your foot. Every time you push off there’s a spring to your step. The outer midsole is made from EVA foam, and I loved the springy and soft feel while I ran.

Due to always having some niggle or other I need a little bit of support and depth in my running shoe, and even though more stripped back shoes may feel lighter or appear smaller/sleeker to the eye, the Vomero 12 feels like it’s protecting your foot and joints on each strike without feeling heavy or clumpy. I want a shoe to feel like it’s offering protection to my joints, to feel soft, and this did. At toe-off the shoe feels flexible underneath the ball of your feet and I liked the fact that you can feel the cushioning at the front of your foot as well as the rear.

Having done a number of different sessions in this shoe, mainly speed work, the best thing about the Vomero 12 has been the grip on wet pavements, the snug and cosy feel around the heel/top of the foot and the feeling of thick cushioning along the whole length of the foot.

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