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Best In Test: Minimal Shoes

Read Time:   |  April 12, 2018


comfort: 10
fit: 10
responsiveness: 10

Best trainer EVER. I love, love, love the DYNAFLYTE 2. It’s light, comfortable, has a great colour and style, is perfectly cushioned and very responsive. The size 5 was spot on. I have used them in wet conditions for my speed sessions and the grip has been good. I am now an ASICS addict! – Tester, Geraldine Perrier.

Editor’s comment: You want minimal shoes to fit – and perform – perfectly and the DYNAFLYTE 2 ticks both boxes. They’re extremely comfortable and offer enough protection for middle-distance races. They’re quite structured and supportive for minimal shoes. A good entry point.


comfort: 6
fit: 8
responsiveness: 9

These are lightweight racing shoes, perfect for shorter distances or interval work. I’m used to running in this type of shoe so was comfortable in them, however they aren’t a cushioned shoe so I wouldn’t wear them beyond 10K. These are quite narrow fitting which suits me and my foot felt secure when running fast. – Tester, Jen Elkins


Comfort: 8

fit: 3

Responsiveness: 8, £97

These are lightweight and a very flexible shoe, perfect for up to half-marathon distances. I was surprised by how comfortable they are, for such a lightweight shoe. These were a bit too big for me though, especially in the toe box, so I would definitely recommend going a size or half a size down.- Tester Jen Elkins


comfort: 8
fit: 3
responsiveness: 8

This shoe wasn’t for me – the size was too big and it didn’t feel suited to my gait and style. However, I liked the look, it was very light and offered good ground connection, even in wet conditions. – Tester, Geraldine Perrier


comfort: 6
fit: 5
responsiveness: 8, £159.95

Soft, comfortable and snug around the front, but the heel felt too wide and the shoe moved around too much for me. The sole is spongier than most minimal shoes, but the midsole is responsive. – Tester, Beccy Lord


comfort: 7
fit: 7
responsiveness: 9

These are feather light! They’re grippy underfoot, spongy around the collar, and a very smart design. These really make you feel you’re flying. But try before you buy – I needed a size smaller. – Tester, Tina Chantrey


comfort: 6
fit: 9
responsiveness: 9

These are a lightweight racing shoe with hard soles, perfect for interval training. They are slightly heavier than some racing flats, but they are very responsive and fitted my narrow feet well. – Tester, Jen Elkins

Nike Epic React

comfort: 10
fit: 9
responsiveness: 9, £129.95

These were an excellent fit, due to the snug Flyknit upper and they suited my narrow feet. The React foam is bouncy and soft. I loved the feel of them when running, but they are also a shoe I want to wear when not running, as they are so stylish. – Tester, Tina Chantrey


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