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McLEAR payment ring is now even more brilliant for runners

Author: Esther Newman

Read Time:   |  November 23, 2020

We check out the payment ring that's perfect for runners on the go...

A payment ring? What manner of witchcraft is this? If you’ve not heard about the McLEAR payment ring, be prepared to scratch off the top item on your Christmas list and replace it with this. So here’s the thing: it’s a lovely, ceramic ring that you wear (and your friends compliment you on) and you can use to pay for stuff. That’s the concept, but there’s more to it than that.


So how does it work?

You can use the McLEAR ring to make secure payments anywhere that accepts contactless. It’s funded by connecting to your bank account, credit or debit card. You don’t have to charge it, it’s waterproof, scratch resistant, hypoallergenic, and you can deactivate it with one click.

As a runner, think about how brilliant that is: you can pay for that desperately needed bottle of water, you can pay for a cab, you can pay for a coffee and cake at an unexpected pit stop, all without having to take your phone or card out with you.

But why is it better than your phone? Well, firstly, it’s quicker – you don’t need to get anything out of your pocket or your bag. Plus, it’s linked to the RingPay app, which allows you to keep an eye on your spending, track expenses, spend online or pause or lock a lost ring for extra peace of mind. And it’s lighter and more convenient – it’s there, on your hand, at all times.

Give a little back

McLEAR is also a partner of the One Running Movement (as are Women’s Running!) and every McLEAR Smart Ring bought via this dedicated page contributes to generating free ballot places for movers through One Running Movement, for everyone from the age of 4 upwards.

On top of all of that, McLEAR have just launched RingPay Giving. RingPay Giving, launched in partnership with Parsnip,enables you to automatically send a micro-sized donation to your chosen charity when you buy something using your Smart Ring. You can control how much you give with monthly donation caps. And with any donations made to One Running Movement’s preferred charity, the DigiLearning Foundation will contribute to free technology education courses for children, young adults and adults.

This is a very smart piece of jewellery; helping you to run with more confidence, and to support charity and other people to run. Find out more about the McLEAR payment ring. And order yours here.

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