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Krissy Moehl prefers Patagonia

Author: Chris Macdonald

Read Time:   |  May 15, 2014

Krissy Moehl prefers Patagonia

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There is so much running kit on the market so how to separate the wheat from the chaff?

One way of navigating through shorts, technical vests and trainers is to ask the experts – and ours comes in the form of an Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc champion. The former winner of the treacherous trail competition Krissy Moehl prefers Patagonia gear to get her through her runs.

But most recently for Moehl, a ‘run’ is the fastest known women’s time on the Wonderland trail around Mt. Rainier – that’s 93 miles at 22,000 feet. She said:

I couldn’t believe that we were not only going to break our personal goal of finishing in a day or under 24 hours, we were making our way back to our starting point closer to 22 

Last minute nerves started to kick in for me which also brought more energy and excitement to get this underway.  Seven of us would make the journey around the mountain that day and night.  Two girls running, three guys crewing and two more guys documenting.  Those in vehicles would drive over 500 miles to our 90+ miles of running.  No one would sleep more than a short nap, everyone would see the peak light up like fire from the evening sunset, we all kept track of time and location and got to see beautiful views of the impressive mountain.  We were soaked from the humidity and cooled by the evening air, we saw various animals on each of our routes and told jokes and sang songs to keep awake during those ridiculous hours that fall between night and morning. 

We worked together to do all of the little things to accomplish the bigger goal.

You can keep up with Moehl’s adventures and read about her full Rainier experience on her blog ‘Life in Motion’ here.

So what Patagonia gear helps Moehl on her spectacular runs?

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Patagonia Strider Shorts

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Patagonia Tsali trainers – £95

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