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Kalenji Jogflow 500.1 review

Author: Kate Sellers

Read Time:   |  May 16, 2022

The Jogflow Saga from Kalenji are three brand new shoes designed for everyday runners to prevent injury. Kate puts the Jogflow 500.1 to the test...


Kalenji Jogflow 500.1 | £35 | Tester: Kate Sellers

The Jogflow 500.1 are the first of three brand new shoes from Kalenji targeted at the everyday runner, with a focus on comfort and preventing injury

Jogflow 500.1 review

The Jogflow Saga might sound like an epic new film series, but it’s actually something even more exciting: a trilogy of brand new shoes from Kalenji, designed to provide max comfort and prevent injury for the everyday runner. Oh, and all of that at an incredible price point.

The shoes are a result of a long-term test study, in partnership with the Luxembourg Institute of Health. 848 participants took part in more than 27,000 running sessions to learn more about running mechanics and what allowed the runners to get into that ‘flow’ state.

What they learned led Kalenji to reduce the drop between the heel and the ball of the shoe from 10mm to just 4mm, to assist and encourage the runner to put less pressure on their heel whilst running.

The Jogflow 500.1 is the first and most affordable shoe in the collection, at £35. Their tagline is: “So lightweight, you’ll forget you’re wearing them”. We put them to the test to see if they live up to their promise. Read on for our Jogflow 500.1 review…

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How do the Jogflow 500.1 fit?

As soon as I put these shoes on, I could totally see what Kalenji have been talking about: they were so lightweight, it felt as though my feet were floating.

They were well-cushioned and hugged my foot in all the right places, while also feeling responsive and supportive. I also loved the soft panel at the back that also acted as a heel tab for easy wearability.

Are the Jogflow 500.1 comfy?

Yes! I’ve often found with budget shoes that comfort is the first thing to go, especially as you start to increase the distance. The first run I took these trainers on was 6K, and they were comfortable all the way through.

Jogflow 500.1 running review

I was super impressed by these incredible-value shoes! They were lightweight, supportive and flexible all the way through my run, which led to a very enjoyable 6K.

I was also really surprised by the improvement they made to my running form. I’m a chronic heel striker – especially when I’m not concentrating! These shoes are designed to encourage a more midfoot strike, thanks to a small drop of just 4mm. I noticed it straight away as I ran, and could feel myself adjusting my form. As a result, I felt faster and more in control. This type of running is also supposed to minimise injury risk, which is a great added bonus.

The only thing I can critique about the shoes was the fit around the ankle – for me, it was a little loose, so I didn’t feel totally supported on longer runs as my muscles got tired. That being said I would definitely recommend them to any runner, especially as an everyday pair of shoes for regular miles.


Jogflow 500.1 review

Where can I buy the Jogflow 500.1?

The women’s Jogflow 500.1 comes in five colours and is available at Decathlon.

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