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MyRun Technogym: a high-tech home treadmill

Author: Women's Running Magazine

Read Time:   |  November 28, 2016

MyRun Technogym: a high-tech home treadmill

High-tech home treadmill, MyRun Technogym, takes treadmill training to the next level, helping you improve your efficiency to become a better runner. This smart treadmill gives you instant feedback on your key running parameters; stride, displacement and cadence.

Need a bit of extra motivation? MyRun Technogym matches music from your playlist to the beat of your run ensuring you’re music is powering you through your run whether it is a recovery, hills or intervals.

Talking of intervals, MyRun Technogym’s handy interval training feature allows you to quickly switch between two chosen speeds in the flick of a button making treadmill sprint training easier and safer.

Got a favourite run or one you’re trying to achieve your personal best? Practise indoors by linking MyRun Technogym with your running app (e.g. Strava or RunKeeper) to recreate an outdoor run inside. You’ll see your pace marker on the map as MyRun Technogym speeds up and slows down where you did. Smart.

MyRun Technogym is available from £3,250 or just £122 a month! Discover more here.

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