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Have we found the perfect running shoe?

Read Time:   |  October 15, 2019

We love a good gait analysis. And let’s get this out there: Asics does a good gait analysis.

So the theory was this: we were invited by Asics to their very lovely shop on Regent Street to have a browse of the latest range and get our gait thoroughly analysed. We were taken down to the depths of the store, where there are three treadmills set up next to a touch screen.

Now here’s the thing: anyone can come along to Asics and have their gait analysed for free – there’s no cost, and it’s very clever. If you can’t work out if you need support or neutral, or you’re not sure if you need something that propels you forward or gives you a bit more cushioning, then this is the place to come.

After entering all our vitals on the touchscreen, the lovely James instructed us to change into Asics’ minimal running shoe, the Dynaflyte (very jazzy – we liked them). Then he added sensors to the heels of the shoes. This is to start you off from zero – running in this shoe enables both him and the sensors on your shoes to figure out how your ankle and feet move as you run.

After a couple of minutes, we all hovered over the screen to discover my pronation excursion (how much my foot rolls in) and pronation velocity (how fast it does that). In a minimal shoe, without much experience of running in them, you can see on the report that everything wasn’t peachy. My ankle was wobbling about like no-one’s business.

James’s next trick was to pop me into a pair of Asics’ stability shoe, the Gel-Kayano – super beautiful. I was willing this to be my perfect shoe! But immediately it felt a bit… wrong. I don’t normally run in a stability shoe, although it has been known, and running on the treadmill felt stiff and ungainly.

Again, after looking at the results, James emerged with a pair of what I think of as Asics’ classics. The Gel-Nimbus. I’ve run in these a lot over the last 20 years, but even I was impressed with the initial feel. James strapped me up to the sensors, and let me loose on the treadmill, and… ta-da! Check out the results here – you can see how close they come to perfection (for me!).

Rather brilliantly, the Gel-Nimbus is available in a number of different options, depending on your running, so I opted for the winter variant to keep my toes cosy. They’re a little warmer with slightly stickier soles for cold and rainy running. Check them out! Super chuffed to have my perfect shoe in time for winter, and they are LUSH. Pop along for your gait analysis and find your perfect shoe too!


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