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Get set for Spring running

Read Time:   |  March 18, 2021

We take an in-depth look at Decathlon's new Kiprun Spring Summer collection designed to keep you cool as your rack up those miles

We don’t want to jinx it, but it seems like Spring is well and truly here. Daffodils are in bloom and us runners are starting to shed our winter layers when we head out – and if you’re anything like us, that warm feeling of the sun on our backs is more than welcome.

The change in seasons means it’s also time to think about having a switch up of our regular running kit. Those extra warm leggings and hoodies can go back in the drawer – Spring is all about breathable, lightweight and technical clothing. Whether you need to update your running gear, or don’t yet have a full seasonal selection of clothing, Decathlon UK’s new Kiprun  Spring Summer 2021 collection is ideal.

The design team at Kiprun, Decathlon’s in-house road running brand, had one thing in mind when it came to designing the latest range – performance. By providing high performance products, the team hope to inspire and motivate people to want to run faster and further.

We found out all the details about their new kit and learnt more about how they perform on the run. Read on to discover what we learnt…

The new Kiprun Light Running Tank Top comes in at an incredibly lightweight 49g (in size 8), thanks to its technical fabrics. By using a machine that wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi movie, Decathlon have added laser perforations in the high perspiration zones to make a very breathable tank top that can handle running in the warmer weather.

The Kiprun Light Running T-Shirt has many of the same features as its sister tank top, with holes on the shoulders helping to keep you cool. Decathlon collaborated with a team of independent testers to develop a new cut for their t-shirt, tested over several thousand miles. The t-shirt now offers a longer back, meaning that it hugs your body as you move, and thermo-bonded seams prevent any chafing, providing the ultimate in performance and comfort.


Decathlon’s new range of shorts don’t disappoint either. The Kiprun 2-in-1 Running Shorts feature built-in undershorts to prevent any possible discomfort. Meanwhile, the Kiprun Light Running Shorts come with built-in briefs for discomfort and reassurance. Featuring one back zip and two elasticated front pockets in the waistband, you can easily carry your keys, bank card and a nutritious snack for longer runs. Breathability is a must, as you’d expect, while a small opening in the side of the leg means that there’s no difficulty in reaching your full stride length.

From £17.99

Last, but not least, are the Kiprun Run 900 Running Socks. These are available in three different lengths, from invisible to mid-calf, and two thicknesses to suit your needs. Anti-friction yarn reduces blisters, while thicker areas provide extra padding in hard-wearing zones. Elastic straps provide support at the arch of the foot and help to hold the sock in place, while the materials used provide good breathability and help wick moisture away. There’s also a limited edition of the high running socks, featuring a Union Jack design, to help you show your support for the nation as we compete in a certain sporting event taking place later this year…

From £5.99

As always, the Decathlon range comes complete with a full 2-year guarantee, so you really know you’re getting high performance products for an unbelievable price. “We’re committed to helping everyone in the UK lead a more active lifestyle – we’re hoping that this new Kiprun collection will help you rack up the miles!”

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