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Flow Synchronicity review – Under Armour’s first running shoe for women

Author: Esther Newman

Read Time:   |  June 20, 2022


UNDER ARMOUR Flow Synchronicity | £115 | Tester: Esther Newman

The Flow Synchronicity is the first shoe from Under Armour that has been designed specifically for women’s feet to help us run faster. Esther puts them to the test...

You’d be forgiven for wondering why we’ve been making such a fuss about running shoes designed exclusively for women recently. Aren’t all running shoes for women designed for women’s feet?

The answer, strangely, is no. It’s common among many brands to design shoes using lasts built on male dimensions and physiology, and to then simply shrink the dimensions down (and often change the colour) to then sell to women.

Under Armour, with its new Flow Synchronicity, is making moves to combat that, with this women-only shoe.

I was so excited to try out the Synchronicity. I am a neutral runner, and do quite a variety of different runs during the week, so I couldn’t wait to bring them along to see how they fared.

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UA Flow Synchronicity technical details

Weight: 235g

Sizes: 2.5-9.5

Drop: 7mm

Price: £115

UA Flow Synchronicity pros:

  • Designed specifically for women
  • Very lightweight, and great for shorter, regular runs
  • Breathable upper, perfect for summer

UA Flow Synchronicity cons:

  • comes up long in sizing
  • not supportive or cushioned enough for long distances

Who are the UA Flow Synchronicity for?

In a word, women! The Under Armour Flow Synchronicity is a neutral road shoe that’s been designed for women. The design for the shoe has been created from scans of women’s feet to ensure that it fits better to our feet, and moulds to our dimensions. It’s a light, neutral shoe, without any rubber outsole (which is something that has helped with the weight).

What kind of running is the shoe designed for?

This is a shoe for roads and the gym. With no rubber outsole, and a very light weight, it’s perfect for your mid-week road runs, particularly in dry conditions.

How do they fit?

They fit really snugly around the mid-foot, with a sock-like fit. And in a way that certainly feels out of the ordinary – in a good way. They do come up a little large, so bear that in mind before buying, as you might find it best to opt for your ‘true’ size as opposed to your ‘running shoe’ size.

Are the Under Armour Flow Synchronicity comfy?

They are extremely comfortable, in part due to that mid-foot hug from the knitted upper and the excellent heel support. The midsole feels natural and cushioned (but not too cushioned).

I love the mid-foot hug, but I do have high arches, and this meant it was a bit of an effort to pull them on. Once on, they felt snug and secure, however – so much so that on my third run I forgot to do the laces up!

How do the UA Flow Synchronicity look?

Straight out of the box, I loved the look of these (and let’s not pretend that looks aren’t a huge part of whether or not we choose to part with our money!). My pair are pink (there are three colour options), but a rather beautiful and grown up Farrow & Ball sort of pink. So very pleasing indeed.

UA Flow Synchronicity 5K review

On my first run, I immediately noticed two things with this shoe. The first was that the upper feels so supportive. It’s if it’s binding the shoe to your foot, but also moulding flexibly to your physiology rather than forcing you to adapt to it. The second thing was the knitted upper. It’s extremely breathable, so I could noticeably feel a breeze reaching my feet on every step, which was very welcome during a warmer run.

I enjoyed the run in these. They felt comfortable with no hot spots or rubbing. I particularly liked the cushioning behind the heel, which really locked my feet in place.

UA Flow Synchronicity 8K review

On a slightly longer run, I liked these shoes a little less. I found that snug mid-foot knit just a little too snug, and by the end of the run, I was longing to kick them off to get the circulation back into my toes. They also felt quite minimal as my mileage increased, so if you’re used to mega cushioning, then these aren’t for you.

This is a shoe I will return to again for my mid-week easy runs – they’re perfect for that. But I don’t think I’ll be wearing them for longer runs or anything approaching a race.

UA Flow Synchronicity vs Machina

How do the Under Armour Flow Synchronicity compare to other UA shoes?

I’ve also tested the Under Armour HOVR Machina 3, which is priced at £140. This is a very different running experience compared with the Flow Synchronicity. The upper is more insulated, the midsole more cushioned and responsive. This third version of the Machina is not designed for women-first, but I found the fit and comfort superior to the Flow Synchronicity. Underfoot, that midsole is much-better designed for bigger mileage.

That said, the Machina doesn’t have the upper fit of the Flow Synchronicity. You can really tell the difference when you put one on after the other. The Machina is supremely comfortable, but after wearing the Flow Synchronicity, it’s almost like wearing someone else’s shoes. The Flow Synchronicity feels like they have been tailor-made for your feet. Mind blown.

Ultimately, I’d say to choose Flow Synchronicity for shorter, easier running. If you’re in training for a longer distance, I’d recommend churning out the miles in the more substantial Machina.

Where can I buy the UA Flow Synchronicity?

The Under Armour Flow Synchronicity is £115 and is available in three colourways. You can buy it online at Under Armour.

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