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Find your comfort with Kalenji’s new shoe

Read Time:   |  March 13, 2020

Looking for a new running shoe that won't break the bank? Kalenji’s new launch will support you every step of the way

Many of us run for that precious ‘me time’. It gives us space to think about the challenges we’ve overcome or are yet to face, and it also gives us the time to escape all those challenges by thinking about nothing at all. While we strengthen our bodies, we are really strengthening our minds and giving our whole bodies a complete workout.

This escape is only possible if the shoes we run in enable us to do this. Any niggles, any rubbing, and any feeling that our shoes aren’t supporting us, can drag us down and stop us from performing at our best.

Intense testing

The designers at Kalenji from Decathlon always put their products through intense run testing before they’re released and because of this we can always be sure each new product has us runners at its heart. The updated version of Kalenji’s classic Comfort running shoe has now been put through its paces. The first Comfort was, as you might expect, incredibly comfortable with great cushioning and a fit that hugs your foot. So what needed to change?

Decathlon always puts the runner first, and design doesn’t stand still – particularly not when that design is sitting on a runner’s foot. They asked women what could be improved on the original shoe, and the resounding response was that we needed more support through the foot and ankle.

So the team went back to the drawing board, and created several prototypes until they were happy with this iteration: this had that allround comfort runners had grown to love from the first version, and it also included increased support and improved cushioning. This is the shoe you can train for all your spring races in!

A shoe for all

The Comfort V2 is a shoe for every road runner. You might think all the additional support and cushioning would make for a heavier shoe, but it feels as light as air to run in, and it’s absolutely perfect for all your road running. The flexible, soft sole responds to your foot and protects ankles and knees from impact, while the cushioning gives you that cloud-like run feeling, ensuring your feet and legs retain energy and keep powering on for longer.

Kalenji product manager Suzanne says: “The V2 Comfort run shoe was designed following the advice we received about the first version. So we have released a version that will satisfy all our existing runners, and convince new runners too!”

For cushioning, stability, support and style, put the Kalenji Comfort through its paces.

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Holly Taylor

Holly Taylor

Currently training for her second half marathon

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